Bell Cast Iron Christmas Tree Stand


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This stylish, heavyweight cast iron christmas tree stand is handpainted with a seasonal design.

  • Substantial water holding capacity – 10.5cms(4.25ins) deep
  • For trees up to 225cms (7ft)
  • Trunk diameter up to17cm (7ins)
  • Stand size 35cm (14ins)
The Bell Christmas tree stand is new to us this year, but I think it is one that will prove to be very popular as the bells have a very festive feel to them.   This beautiful cast iron christmas tree stand will help to display your christmas tree beautifully and give the perfect finish to an important part of your christmas decorations.
This heavy weight stand will give your tree all the support that it requires and has a large enough well to keep it well watered – so long as you remember to keep the well filled up with water!
Order your Bell cast iron Christmas tree stand at the same time as your Christmas Tree.
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