Christmas Tree Stands

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Showing all 10 results

An excellent selection of Stands available from our Retail Shop

A Christmas Tree needs to be erected in a strong safe Christmas tree stand, to ensure that it is well supported and will not fall down.   It is also important that the Christmas tree stand has the capacity to hold water as the tree will only keep looking fresh over the Christmas period if it has a constant supply of water.    You need to water your tree just as you would a bunch of cut flowers.

Make sure that you order your Christmas Tree Stand with your tree, so that you can erect your tree when you receive it .   We have a great selection of Christmas Tree Stands for you to choose from – either a selection of beautifully decorated cast iron stands that will take trees up to 225cms(7 feet) or the extremely robust Cinco Christmas Tree Stands that will take trees up to 12 feet.   Both of these types of stands are easy to assembly and will hold water to help keep your tree fresh over the Festive Season.

Wrought Iron Stands   These stylish, heavyweight cast iron stands are hand painted each with a seasonal design, and will show your Christmas tree off to its full advantage.   They all have substantial water holding capacity, which is a must to keep your tree looking at its best throughout the Festive Season. The wrought iron stands will take trees up to approximately 225cms (7 feet) and with a trunk diameter of up to 17cms (7ins) Cinco Stands.

Our top selling Christmas Tree Stand – the Cinco is extremely robust and is a very stable stand to use to put your Christmas Tree in.   This Stand has a large water holding capacity, and is extremely strong, robust and very stable.   The Cinco Christmas Tree Stand which is low and wide has a spill guard that will protect your floor.   We have in stock 3 sizes that will suit all heights of trees up to 12 feet.