Life Cycle of a Tree

HOW WE GROW OUR TREES fraser-fir-cone-no1

The Seeds

A tree will take at least 10 years to grow from seed until it is sold as a Christmas tree and during this time each tree will be nurtured and checked regularly.

The seeds are harvested in the Autumn and come from as far afield as Georgia, Russia and USA.

Seeds are planted and grown in nurseries until they are strong enough to be transplanted into the field.

The Young tree

The transplants which we buy are about 25cms in height and come from nurseries where they have been grown for 3-4 years. We plant these transplants  in either April or September in fields where they will stay until they are harvested.

The trees are left to grow for a few years.  During these years they are continually monitored and given a supplement of natural organic sea weed and where necessary de-bugged.

The Nuturing ….Young Christmas trees

After the tree has been in our field for about 3 summers we start to shear the sides of every tree – doing this will give it an even shape and dense appearance.  If the leader (branch at the top of the tree) is too long we will cut it back to a suitable length.

We also cut the branches off from around the base of the tree to improve air circulation.  This helps the health of the trees and also makes it easier for the customer to fit the tree into the tree stand.

The mature tree….

Every July we go through the plantation and mark trees that are of a suitable quality to be sold that Christmas.  The tree is then measured and has a coloured label attached – it is now ready to be harvested.Christmas trees

Once we receive your order your Christmas tree is once again checked for quality and height, then cut and netted so that the branches do not break during transportation.

Your tree will then be bagged and labelled ready for the Courier van to pick up and deliver to your door.

We sell Christmas trees all over Great Britain: from the Island of Tiree in the west; Inverness in the north; to Cornwall and London in the south.

The Plantations….

We are very conscious of protecting the environment and try to manage our trees in the best way possible. We have grass roadways in the plantations, which encourages the likes of insects, mice and voles. When working with trees in the plantations we regularly see Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks and other birds of prey hunting for small mice and the like. In fact, the plantations are a haven for wild life with many varieties of butterflies, spiders and small birds.Christmas tree

We have spent a lot of time and effort to make sure that we produce top quality Christmas trees that will give our customers a lot of pleasure and satisfaction at Christmas time.