FAQ’s – A Quick Answer to Most Questions


If you have a problem or are concerned about something, please have a look at the FAQ’s below, as they could be of help in giving you a quick answer to your problem.   However, if you cannot find an answer to your problem, please do not hesitate to phone our Customer Service on 01387 760 234 and we will do all we can to solve your problem.


In response to COVID 19 we have opened our website earlier than normal this year to ensure that those customers who require their Christmas Tree delivered are not disappointed. We have worked hard over the recent months to plan our operations and to consider how we will work to reduce all risks presented by the virus to customers, employees and our courier partners. We are confident that we have addressed and planned for any current known disruptions due to COVID 19. However, we cannot be held responsible for a change in national and/or local circumstances arising due to lockdowns, virus outbreaks or similarly associated risks that may present themselves and be out with our control. 

Please consider your required delivery time carefully and ensure that if planning an event or special occasion around the arrival of your tree that you leave an extra 1-2 days before the date required. We ask that you are patient in terms of our stated delivery window of 1-2 days. To avoid unnecessary disappointment we will be unable to offer special delivery terms this year (ie pre noon or guaranteed next day).

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How do I know that I will receive a top quality tree
All our trees are graded twice prior to being despatched, and we take a real pride in only sending out the best of the best.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with my tree
First of all I would say, remember that a tree is a living thing and as such they are all different – they are not factory produced on a conveyor belt!   If you feel that your tree is really not up to quality then give us a phone and let us know what you are not happy about.   We will ask you to take a photograph of the tree showing what is giving you concern – when we receive the photo we can resolve the problem quickly.

Can I return my order if I’m not satisfied with it.
Trees can only be returned if there is a genuine problem that has be clarified with Scottish christmas trees. Other wise they cannot be returned as they are a perishable item, and therefore are not refundable.   If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any non perishable goods, please inform us within 7 working days.   We will issue a return number.   You must arrange for the goods to be returned at your own cost.

What happens if the goods I receive are faulty
Please phone us to tell us what the problem is, and we will issue a returns number.   You must arrange for the goods to be returned at your own cost.   When we have received the item back and we are satisfied that there is a problem, then we will either send out a replacement or refund you the cost in full, including the cost of returning the item



Will my order definitely arrive on my preferred delivery date.
We will do all we can to get your order to you on your preferred delivery date and 98% of the orders that we despatch are delivered on the preferred date, but as this is an extremely busy time of year, occasionally goods get mis-routed or lost in transit
On our web site we state very plainly that it is only a preferred date, and we will do all we can to get your order to you on that date, however we cannot guaranteed it. If you need your tree for a specific date ask for delivery at least 4 days prior to that date to allow time to resolve any possible delivery problems that occasionally occur.   For full details please look at our Delivery page on the web site

What do I do if my order is not delivered on the day I asked for

Your chosen date is only a preferred date, and NOT a guaranteed date.  A high percentage of our deliveries arrive on the chosen date, but please remember that Couriers are extremely busy at Christmas time.   If your tree hasn’t arrived by the day after your preferred date, please contact us, and we will trace your order and find out what the problem is – we will do all we can to help you to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

What happens if the tree has been damaged in transit.
First off all it is important that you check all your goods prior to signing for them. If there is some damage sign for them as ‘damaged’. We will ask you to take a photograph of the damage, which we need when claiming from the Courier Company, and as soon as we receive a photo we will despatch a replacement tree at our expense or refund you the cost of the tree

Can I give specific delivery instructions
Yes, you can give instructions as to where to leave your order.   During the ordering process you will be asked for  your instructions, but please try and keep them brief as we only have a certain amount of space to write them
What if I’m out when my order arrives or do I need to be available to sign for the delivery of my goods
No, you will not be asked for a signature and the courier will leave your order in a safe place even if you’re not at home, so we advise you to give us some instructions as to where the order can be left safely or if it can be left with your neighbour. You can opt to be present for delivery and should indicate this at the time of ordering if this is your preference.

 What are your delivery charges
For full details look at the delivery page on the web site

If I order more than 1 item will they be delivered at the same time
Due to the large volume of goods that are going through the Courier depots at Christmas time, sometime orders get split up and yes you might receive your order on different days – for which we do apologies, but as soon as the goods leave our yard we are entirely in the hands of the Courier.   If you refuse to take delivery of part of your order we cannot guarantee that you will receive the remaining items .   Orders that are made up of more than one part are always despatched on the same day.

Can I choose a specific day for delivery or a next day service
You can order at any time and choose any date in the future that suits your needs.   We would strongly recommend that if you want your tree for a specific date that you have it delivered to you at least 4 days prior to that date.   Occasionally orders get lost or misrouted and we do want you to have your tree for that special day.  



Can I cancel my order
Yes, you can cancel your order but must do so at least 7 working days prior to your delivery date – less than that time we might not be able to stop shipment.   Any order of perishable goods that is cancelled 5 days or less prior to shipment will not be eligible for refunded.   Christmas trees are freshly cut to order and are perishable.

Can I  phone you to place an order
As I’m sure you will be aware, at Christmas time we are extremely busy, so would appreciated if you would place your order online.   However, if you are having any problems please do not hesitate to phone us and we will help you all we can.

Can I alter my order once I have confirmed it
Yes you can alter your order, but there is a £5 administrative charge which covers costs of re-printing labels and re-allocating the order.

Do I have to pay for the return of goods

Unless the goods are damaged, defective, and not as described on our web site, then you will have to pay for the return of the goods.  We would ask you to contact us prior to sending anything back so that we can give you a returns number.


The Trees

How is a tree measured
A Christmas tree is measured from the bottom of the trunk to the very top of the leader – the long branch where the fairy or star goes.   Remember when ordering your  tree that this long branch can be any length from about 15cms(6ins) up to 37cms(15ins).   So a 175/200cms tree might only have less than 150cms (5ft) of bulky tree.

Are your trees non drop
There is no such thing as a non drop Christmas tree, as all trees shed their needles, just as we shed our skin, especially when they are unpacked after transport.   The Fraser Fir and Nordman Fir are both low drop needle trees, however the Norway Spruce would not be classed as a low drop needle Christmas tree.   The Norway Spruce is better suited to outside use or in colder areas of the house.   We suggest that you give your tree a really good thud on the ground prior to putting it in a stand, and look after it as suggested on our Care page

What is the difference between a Fraser Fir and Nordman Fir
Take a look at the photos of these 2 trees on the cut Christmas Tree page of the web site, or read about them on ‘Our Trees’ page

Can I send a tree as a present and can I include a message
We will be delighted to send anything from our web site to any address in UK.   We will also hand write a card with any message that you wish included.

How many lights will I need for my Christmas tree
Everyone has different ideas as to how dense they like the lights on their tree, but we recommend that for a 5 foot tree  approximately 150 lights would be about correct, for a 6 foot tree about 180 lights and for a 7 foot tree approximately 210 lights.   This is only a guide line.   Take a look at All about lights

What is the best way to look after my tree and to keep it fresh for as long as possible
Remember that a cut tree is just like cut flowers only a lot larger, and will stay beautifully fresh if put in a Stand that holds water.   For the first week the tree will drink a lot of water , but generally slows down after that.     I suggest that you look at our Care page, where there are full instructions on how best to care for your tree, both cut and potted, and also wreaths.