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Welcome Your Visitors This Christmas With A Well Decorated Front Door

Decorating a front door for Christmas used to start and stop with a Christmas wreath. Then plastics took over and we had all sorts of decorations including the plastic Santa mask. You can do a lot more than that and the end result is a front door that really does welcome your visitors. It doesn’t take a lot of work and it needn’t be expensive. Here are a few tips that may give you ideas on how to brighten your front door this Christmas.

  • Icicles – For a simple look, hang a traditional wreath on the door, then hang white icicle lights above the door.
  • Garlands – here, you can really use your imagination. Create a colourful garland using any form of greenery for the base. You can often buy these from garland bases from florists. Create a matching wreath to hang from the door, then hang the garland from the door frame. If you have themed your Christmas tree, then continue the theme to your front door.
  • Potted Christmas tree – buy a small potted Christmas tree, decorate it and place outside rather than inside.
  • Wreaths – not one, but two, three or even four wreaths. This will depend on the size of your door. The best effect is a large well decorated Christmas wreath in the middle with smaller less decorated wreaths top and bottom with the edges just touching.
  • Rope lights – frame your door with rope lights. These have a lit length of eight meters so that’s plenty of light to frame your doorway.

You can really use anything to decorate your doorway. Use a little imagination, or take a walk around your neighbourhood to see what others are doing this year. A well decorated doorway always looks inviting, and it certainly works as a conversation starter.

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Christmas Trees And Christmas Wreaths – What’s The Connection?

Christmas wreath made from Christmas tree foliageWe speak a lot about Christmas trees – and why not? That is the major component of our business. Christmas wreaths are just as popular and there is a direct connection between two – and it’s not the word “Christmas.”

Whether it is a plain Christmas wreath or a heavily decorated one, they are all made using the foliage from firs. Which firs? The Nordman Fir  – the foliage on the Nordman Fir is perfect for assembling into a Christmas wreath. Yes – our wreaths are made from real foliage, there is nothing artificial about them at all.

The traditional wreath pictured is put together using oranges, cinnamon sticks, pumpkins, dried chillies, cones and dried seed heads – again that is real decorations, not plastic or artificial.

These make wonderful adornments for the front door where they can welcome you and your guests to your home. Follow this up inside with a nicely decorated Christmas tree and you have completed the look.

Our Christmas wreaths are available in four different styles; The Original (undecorated), The Traditional (pictured), The Scottish (using rustic, naturally dried produce) and The Festive (decorated with red ribbon, red berries and cones).

FreshChristmas wreaths last weeks and stay looking bright and fresh. It must have something to do with the Christmas tree foliage used to create our wreaths.