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The Benefits Of Buying A Christmas Tree Online

Where do you buy your Christmas trees? I know there are many people who buy theirs from roadside sellers. Unfortunately, some of these sellers are unscrupulous having raided protected forests, or farms like ours, to collect their stock. There are many Christmas tree sellers who do the right thing. Their stock comes from legitimate sources, and the quality of their trees are good. Poor quality trees will sell for lower prices and when it comes to Christmas trees, the old saying “you get what you pay for” really does ring true.

We sell the majority of our Christmas trees online now. There are huge benefits for the customer, and benefits for us as well. For the customer, we keep the Christmas tree growing in the ground until the time for delivery arrives. We then cut the tree fresh, bag it for easy transport and protection, then send it off as soon as possible. When you receive your tree, you know it’s going to be fresh. Not only that, you can tell us when you want your tree, so we hold back until that delivery date approaches.

Because we deal with most sales online, there are reduced costs to us. This reduction in costs means we can sell our trees a little cheaper than if we had to sell through a retail environment. Those cost savings to you make it easier to buy decorations (which we supply as well) – or Christmas goodies for the rest of the family.

Is it safe to buy a Christmas tree online? We suggest you check the bona-fides of an online seller first, particularly their checkout security. Our checkout security is top quality and we are totally transparent when it comes to checking our bona-fides. Having been one of the top sellers of Christmas trees for many years, we have developed a good reputation for both quality trees and transaction security.

The biggest benefit to buying online is peace of mind. You can spend as long as you like going through our catalogue. Once you find a Christmas tree that is to your liking, you can either order online, or for greater peace of mind, call us to complete your order. We are also available for any advice when it comes to selecting your Christmas tree, and any of the decorations required. You can be assured of a safe transaction, and a top quality Christmas tree this year – just by shopping at Scottish Christmas Trees.

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Christmas Tree Buying Tips – Read The Terms And Conditions

Before buying a Christmas tree be sure to read the Terms and Conditions first. Many people get caught out because they haven’t read them and find when making a complaint, the seller had every right to do what ever it was the buyer was complaining about.

A typical condition you don’t want is one that reads –

“we reserve the right to substitute your tree type for a similar tree type if stock is not available”

That is not good enough. If you order a Norway Spruce Chrsitmas tree then that is what you should be receiving. If stock is not available then the order should never have been taken – or a short telephone call to clarify the situation done first.

Like all business sectors, there are those that try to capitalize on the Christmas tree market, especially in the last week or two before Christmas. The advice is simple and commonsense. Buy from a reputable Christmas tree seller and always check their Terms and Conditions first.

Feel free to check Scottish Christmas Trees’ Terms and Conditions prior to placing your order. We take pride in delivering Christmas trees as per our customers orders and do everything possible to ensure they arrive in perfect condition ready to decorate and brighten up their Christmas. Can we help to brighten up your Christmas too?

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New Start

As I have only just recently started working here at Scottish Christmas Trees, I have learned there is so much more to Christmas trees than meets the eye! There are lots of different varieties, heights, colours and even smells…

I was taken a guided tour to show me all the variations there are and also how the trees are grown. It really made me appreciate the time and effort that goes into growing a Christmas tree.

With 10 weeks to go until Christmas we are starting to get pretty busy with everyone putting in their orders for their trees and decorations. There are so many different colours of baubles to choose from, I can’t wait to decorate my own tree!

Instead of going for the traditional gold and red theme this year I think I might branch out and go for something different. There is so much choice!