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Which Is The Best Potted Christmas Tree For Your Situation

Christmas trees in pots are so versatile. Whether for your home or for your business, there is always going to be one that fits the situation. You may wonder which is going to be best suited to your needs.

We have three different potted Christmas trees. They are fairly versatile so you will rarely find you have selected the ‘wrong’ tree.  All three, however, do look very different.

Norway Spruce Potted Christmas Tree

This is a very traditional looking Christmas tree. The Norway Spruce can be a little prickly so it may not be ideal in areas where young children pass by regularly. Looked after properly, it is a low needle drop tree so it would be ideal in office or shop environments.

Englemann Spruce Potted Christmas Tree

This potted Christmas tree is almost the opposite of the Norway Spruce. The Englemann Spruce has soft grey/blue needles and provides a wonderful perfume to the room. Children love to decorate this little tree. Well suited to the home, office or workplace.

Fraser Fir Potted Christmas Tree

The Fraser Fir is our most popular tree and always sells out (so get in early). Like the Englemann, it is well suited to most environments. It too has soft needles making it easy for youngsters to help decorate. The citrusy perfume is an added bonus that really does enhance the Christmas feel.

The Norway and Fraser potted Christmas trees come in a range of sizes. The Englemann is a small tree and is only available in the one size. Whatever your situation, we have a potted Christmas tree to suit.

Listen to Forth One and jot down our promotion code and 10% of the sale price of your Christmas tree goes directly to the Cash For Kids charity.

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A Potted Christmas Is Not Necessarily A Small Christmas Tree

potted Christmas treeIf you think a potted Christmas tree is a small desktop type Christmas tree then think again. Our potted Christmas trees can be found as tall as 175 cm (5ft9ins) in both the Fraser Fir and the Norway Spruce. That may be a little large for a desktop  – but perfect for situations where space is at a premium.

Why pick a potted Christmas tree? There are many reasons but here are a few. Our potted Christmas trees:

  • are alive – you can reuse them for many years with care
  • don’t require a special stand  – the pot acts as the stand
  • are easy to decorate – you don’t require a ladder
  • stay fresh for many weeks with the right care
  • are great for the environment since there is little to throw away

Actually, being alive, a potted Christmas tree makes a perfect early Christmas present for a loved one, particularly a parent living alone. They often don’t bother with things like Christmas trees when they are by themselves.

As I have mentioned, the tree is easy to decorate, doesn’t require removal after Christmas and can be kept outside until the following Christmas for use again. In fact, make it a special Christmas and the tree will be a constant reminder for the full year.

That is the one thing that potted Christmas trees do have over all other trees – the memories of Christmas. Every time you step outside, there is the reminder of the Christmas just past. Once it is too big for its pot – find a permanent home  where it will continue to bring back memories.

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Do You Know How Long It Takes To Grow A Christmas Tree?

Christmas trees are reasonably fast growers when it comes to trees in general. It may, however,  surprise you to know how long it actually takes to grow a Christmas tree.

Firs generally take about 10 years to grow from seed to a size ready for cutting. Often, the taller the tree, the longer it has been growing. Christmas trees in pots are generally younger — however, the process is exactly the same.

We only grow top quality Christmas trees so we harvest the seed from only the best firs around the world. After planting, it will take these seed 3-4 years to reach a height of around 25cm. At this stage, the seedlings are transplanted to the open fields where they will remain until harvesting.

You may think it is an easy occupation, however, Christmas trees actually require a lot of care. The sides require trimming on a regular basis to maintain that classic shape. We regularly trim back the lower branches as well. By trimming these lower branches there is plenty of trunk room to place into a stand or pot of your own.

In the middle of the year trees are inspected and those suitable for use as Christmas trees that year are labeled. We don’t generally do a mass cut, we wait until you order and then cut the Christmas trees to your order. Once cut, we bag the tree and prepare it for pick up or delivery.

Christmas is special time of the year – isn’t it nice to know that your Christmas tree is one that has been selected and cut especially for you? Yes, Christmas is special – and so is your Christmas tree.

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Brighten Your Study With An Award-Winning Potted Christmas Tree

award winning potted Christmas TreePotted Christmas trees are ideal for smaller spaces like studies, home offices or your office in the workplace. They can also make a wonderful display in the entrance way to homes or on a business’s reception desk.

Our award-winning Norway Spruce in one potted Christmas tree that is well worth considering. They are available in sizes ranging from 70cm (2ft4ins) to 175cm (5ft9ins). The smaller 70cm potted trees are ideal for those small spaces like desktops. Being so much smaller, weight is not an issue.

Potted Christmas trees look good no matter how many decorations you add. You can be heavy handed and almost cover the tree in tinsel, lights and baubles, or you can take the light handed approach with a few baubles, gift cards and tinsel – they still look superb.

The study or home office is one area where a nicely decorated potted Christmas tree looks at home. The rest of the house is decorated for Christmas so why not your space? They are excellent for reducing stress and, believe it not, Christmas is a time when the stress level of many people goes up – there are obviously not enough pot-grown Christmas trees around to reduce those stress levels.

Whether it is the home or the office (or both), potted Christmas trees are ideal ways of helping to spread the Christmas cheer. If you haven’t had one before – try one this festive season. You won’t be disappointed.

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Add A Potted Christmas Tree To WOW Your Office Celebrations

Every year I see more and more work places decorating with the spirit of Christmas – some even go so far as to add a Christmas tree. What a pity it’s often a plastic one. To really get into the spirit of Christmas, why not add a live potted Christmas tree instead?

potted Fraser firThe Fraser fir is the most popular potted tree – it brings with it that wonderful Christmassy perfume that tells the world that Christmas is here. Dress it up with the smaller baubles, a short string of LED lights and, of course, the star at the top and you have the WOW factor.

Potted live Christmas trees look absolutely smashing when they are all dressed up, lights blinking away and, you know, the perfume. What a wonderful gift to give away when Christmas is over – or perhaps take it home yourself and grow it on ready for the following Christmas.

There is only problem with potted Christmas trees – they are really popular and sell out so quickly. If you’re going to WOW your customers and staff you will need to get in early to secure one.

The pictured potted live Fraser fir comes in four sizes from 90cm (2ft11ins) to 175cm (5ft9ins) – get in early and secure yours for a truly wonderful Christmas.