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Pot Grown Christmas Trees Almost Sold Out

If you’re looking for a pot grown Christmas tree, then you’d best be quick; we are running out of this years stock very quickly. These trees are becoming more popular as each year passes, especially for people who have limited space inside their homes, and for those who find it difficult to dispose of a real cut Christmas tree. At the time of writing, we only have in stock

Fraser Fir Potted Christmas Tree

  • 110cm-130cm  (3ft7ins-4ft3ins)

Norway Spruce Potted Christmas Tree

  • 70cm-90cm (2ft4ins-2ft11ins)
  • 90cm-110cm ( 2ft11ins-3ft7ins)

There are, however, still a few cut Christmas trees available in a much wider range of sizes. The Nordman Fir is one of our most popular Christmas trees and we have run out of the tallest (8foot plus) stock, however, the other sizes are still available. Our cut Christmas tress tend to run out not long after our potted trees, so if you are looking for a real Christmas tree, you will need to order fairly quickly. We are already geared up to ship out our Christmas trees; in fact, many of them will hit the road starting from tomorrow (15/11/2011).

When ordering your Christmas tree, be sure to arrange a delivery date that allows sufficient time to set up and decorate your tree. Some people like to leave delivery as late as possible to avoid needle drop, however, today’s trees, with the right care, generally last through to Christmas with few problems. The Norway Spruce is not as hardy when it comes to warm air and needle retention, however, kept cool and hydrated and the problem can be managed.

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Is Your Potted Christmas Tree Still Good To Go?

Potted Christmas trees have become popular in recent years. However, if you haven’t given it the care it really needs, it may need replacing. Did you pot the tree up after last Christmas? Have you been watering, feeding and trimming the tree ready for this year? If you answer “No” to either one of those questions, then it’s time to check out whether or not it is still suitable for this Christmas.

If your potted Christmas tree is not in great condition, it may not survive indoors, especially when fully decorated. Add any heat sources that tree will be under stress for a couple of weeks. The end result may be a tree with a lot of needle drop, and drooping branches that won’t fully support any decorations. Potted Christmas trees will last years, the biggest drawback being size – if they are healthy, they will continue to grow in height.If your potted tree is getting a little tall to be carted indoors all the time, consider putting in your front garden, fully decorated. You can even buy outdoor Christmas lights to finish off the decorations.

Potted Christmas trees are not that expensive, so they are easily replaced once they have passed their useful indoor life. They can still be planted out into a permanent position in your garden, and they will survive for many years once freed from the pot.  If you really must have that potted tree for one more year, and the branches are starting to droop, be sure to give it plenty of water whilst inside, and to place it where it doesn’t receive too much heat. For drooping branches, you can use garden wire – a form of copper wire that can be used to support branches.  However, don’t be surprised to see needles starting to fall.

Kids love small potted Christmas trees. These trees often grow with the child, however, they don’t last forever when it comes to indoor use at Christmas. Check yours now – don’t wait until it’s time to take it indoors – it may be too late to order a replacement.

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You Can Have The Christmas Tradition Even In A Small Home

There is a trend for people to downsize their accommodation these days, often living in small one or two bedroom flats, bed-sitters and even boarding houses. While space may be limited, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a traditional Christmas, and that includes a traditional Christmas tree. You just need to think a little outside the square.

If you are in a flat, especially two or three floors up, then having a cut Christmas tree could prove to be awkward. We can arrange delivery to your door, that’s not a problem. However, how are you going to remove the tree after Christmas? More importantly, if you don’t have a lot of space, where are you going to place it? The same question could be asked of anyone who is living in a small space.

We said to think outside the square. There’s nothing like a real Christmas tree that has been decorated. The perfume alone that comes from a Christmas tree provides a warm and cozy Christmas feeling the moment you walk through the door. You don’t have to have a large cut Christmas tree – instead, go for a smaller pot grown Christmas tree.  You can select between the Norway Spruce Christmas tree and the Fraser Fir Christmas tree. They are both alive and well, and with nurturing, will continue to live for years to come – and they can be brought back in each Christmas, the ultimate in reusing.

Christmas is a special time of year, no matter where you live. Live potted Christmas trees come in a range of sizes so you can select the one that is best suited to your available space. You can still dress them up with Christmas lights and baubles, and you can still arrange the traditional Christmas presents around the base. There is one down side to buy a potted Christmas tree – we have limited stock and they are very popular, so you need to order as early as possible.

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Organizing Your Christmas Tree Delivery

Organizing when you are going to have a fresh cut Christmas tree delivered is important if you want to ensure your tree lasts until Christmas Day. If your tree arrives and you are not prepared, the tree may suffer and start to wilt, and that is when you see the biggest needle drop. Once your Christmas tree arrives, you need to ensure it is well cared for in order to get the most from it.

Christmas trees are like large cut flowers. In fact, they require similar treatment to cut flowers. If you place the base of the tree in a container of fresh water, your tree will effectively ‘drink’ that water thus keeping the needles hydrated and looking fresh.  This helps to reduce the amount of needle drop and your Christmas tree will look great for many weeks.

Preparation is then the key. Do you have a suitable container to stand your Christmas tree in? If not, you should perhaps checkout the range of Christmas tree stands that we have on offer. These stands have a water well that needs topping up each day to keep your tree hydrated – at the same time, they add to the overall effect of your Christmas tree.

If you are going away for a few days before Christmas, either organize to have your Christmas tree delivered after you return or be sure there is plenty of water in the well to last the period you’re going to be away. For those who like to receive their Christmas trees early, a potted Christmas tree may be more suitable. They will happily sit outside until you’re ready to take them in – just treat them like any normal potted plant.

Arranging to have your Christmas tree delivered is important. Time it for when you are ready to look after it and you’ll have a tree that lasts for weeks and looks great – all you need to do then is add your Christmas lights and decorations – and that’s the fun part. By the way – order your Christmas tree, stand and decorations together, and if your order is over  £100, we’ll deliver for free anywhere in the UK – and yes, we try to arrange delivery for requested dates, just ask.

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Are You Thinking About Christmas Yet? We Are And We Suggest You Order Your Potted Trees Early

It may only be August, and Christmas may be several months away, but now is the time to consider your Christmas tree options and we suggest a live potted Christmas Tree. With care, live potted Christmas trees last for several years, always looking great, and reduce the need for disposal after Christmas. Live Christmas trees also bring back a little of the original Christmas feeling where a whole town would decorate a large living Christmas tree year after year.

We at Scottish Christmas Trees  have an ulterior motive for this suggestion as well – we always sell out well before Christmas and we hate to see people missing out. With deliveries scheduled to start in mid October, you can have your potted tree acclimatizing in your yard well before Christmas – this prolongs the tree’s life and ensures it’s fresh and vibrant when you’re ready to take it indoors. You have two choices in potted Christmas tree – the traditional Norway Spruce and the very popular Fraser Fir.

The Norway Spruce is available in six sizes ranging 70cm (2ft4ins) to 190cms (6ft 4ins), and because it’s alive it should not lose to many needles inside the home. However, you will need to keep it well watered and away from direct heat sources like heaters and fires. A nicely decorated Norway Spruce looks on either a table or counter, or in the corner all lit up a like a – like a Christmas Tree, of course.

The Fraser Fir has become hugely popular for a number of reasons. It has a great perfume and is covered in soft dark green needles that are a little friendlier to young hands. This tree is available in five sizes from 110cm (3ft7ins) to 210cm (6ft10ins).

It may only be August, however, we will start to deliver early orders of these trees in around eight weeks – and that’s not a lot of time. We know we sell out early so get your orders in now so you’ll not be disappointed.