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Welcome Your Visitors This Christmas With A Well Decorated Front Door

Decorating a front door for Christmas used to start and stop with a Christmas wreath. Then plastics took over and we had all sorts of decorations including the plastic Santa mask. You can do a lot more than that and the end result is a front door that really does welcome your visitors. It doesn’t take a lot of work and it needn’t be expensive. Here are a few tips that may give you ideas on how to brighten your front door this Christmas.

  • Icicles – For a simple look, hang a traditional wreath on the door, then hang white icicle lights above the door.
  • Garlands – here, you can really use your imagination. Create a colourful garland using any form of greenery for the base. You can often buy these from garland bases from florists. Create a matching wreath to hang from the door, then hang the garland from the door frame. If you have themed your Christmas tree, then continue the theme to your front door.
  • Potted Christmas tree – buy a small potted Christmas tree, decorate it and place outside rather than inside.
  • Wreaths – not one, but two, three or even four wreaths. This will depend on the size of your door. The best effect is a large well decorated Christmas wreath in the middle with smaller less decorated wreaths top and bottom with the edges just touching.
  • Rope lights – frame your door with rope lights. These have a lit length of eight meters so that’s plenty of light to frame your doorway.

You can really use anything to decorate your doorway. Use a little imagination, or take a walk around your neighbourhood to see what others are doing this year. A well decorated doorway always looks inviting, and it certainly works as a conversation starter.

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Nine Weeks To Christmas – Have You Ordered A Christmas Tree Yet?

Can you believe there are only nine weeks and a couple days left until Christmas? The year seems to have gone by so quickly. Have you ordered your Christmas tree yet? If not, you should get in quick, otherwise they will all be gone. In fact, our trees will be ready in four weeks from today, and we are well geared up, ready for the rush that always besets us at this time of the year.

Our Christmas trees are nurtured along throughout the year with one aim in mind, to be at their best come harvest time. We don’t harvest trees unless we have specific orders for them as each tree is picked ready for immediate shipment – the only way you’ll get a fresher tree is by having one growing in a pot – and we have them available again this year as well.

So what sort of tree to do you like? Tall and narrow, or do you like the traditional squat looking tree? This Christmas, you can select between the traditional Norway Spruce, the very popular Nordman Fir, and the beautifully perfumed Fraser Fir. If you want a live tree that you can use again and again, then this year we have the popular Norway Spruce Christmas trees available in pots. Look after them well and you can use them again for the following Christmas.

Real live cut Christmas trees are back in vogue now. People appreciate the perfume, look and feel that only a real Christmas tree can offer and once fully decorated, fill a room with a real Christmas feel. If you haven’t ordered your Christmas tree yet, then do so as soon as possible. While you’re at it, check out our range of Christmas lights and decorations – you can dress your tree to look its very best then.

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The Traditional Christmas Tree Available In A Pot

The Norway Spruce is considered by many to be the traditional Christmas tree.  Over the years, people have purchased this as a cut tree which, once Christmas has been and gone, needed to be disposed of. This has raised a number of issues over the years, and some councils have either arranged special Christmas tree pickups, or worse, banned Christmas trees from rubbish collection points. There is a solution – buying your Norway Spruce Christmas tree in a pot.

A Christmas tree in a pot is no different to any other potted plant. It is alive, and with the right treatment, will continue to live for many years to come. In fact, you could consider the purchase of a potted Christmas tree an investment since you won’t need to buy another tree for four or more years (depending on the size you buy to begin with). As a live potted plant, you will need to repot after Christmas, and to continue to water and feed it throughout the year. You can even give it a light pruning to build your desired shape.

The Norway Spruce can be a high needle drop Christmas tree, but only if you allow it to dry out, or if you place to close to a high heat source. Keep the tree cool and moist, and the needle drop is very low. The Norway Spruce can also be a little prickly, so care and supervision is important when allowing young children to decorate these trees. However, you will find that these make excellent Christmas trees, and that children and adults soon become accustomed to their slightly prickly nature – it will help to keep the youngsters away from the decorations and lights.

You can purchase a Norway Spruce potted Christmas tree in six sizes ranging from 70cm-90cm (2ft4ins-2ft11ins) to the largest 170cms-190cms ( 5ft8ins-6ft 4ins).  With the smaller trees starting at less than £30.00, it represents a great investment for future Christmases. If you haven’t ordered a Christmas tree yet, check out the potted Norway Spruce Christmas tree, then place an order early, before we run out.

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Potted Christmas Trees Almost Sold Out – Get In Quick Or Miss Out

potted Christmas treeOur potted Christmas trees have been very popular this year to the point we only have Norway Spruce trees left. In fact, at the time of writing this post, we only have the one size left, the 90cm-110cm ( 2ft11ins-3ft7ins), a size that is perfect in small areas.

There are several benefits to buying a potted Christmas tree and this is why they are becoming more popular each year. These benefits include:

  • Use them again and again – if you look after your potted Christmas tree you can use for several more Christmas’s. Potted it up in spring, keeping it watered with a little fertilizer and keep it in the right environment and it will last for years.
  • Low needle drop – because the tree is still alive and still growing, the needle drop rate is very low. Dehydration is the major cause of needle drop in potted Christmas trees. Keep it well watered and away from any area that will cause it to dry out and your tree will be quite happy. A happy tree equals low needle drop.
  • No disposal – once Christmas is over, you don’t have to worry about disposing your old Christmas tree. Just take it outside and it will continue to grow.

Potted Christmas trees are perfect for offices and shops as well as the home. With only a few left, you need to act quickly if you want to take advantage of these features.

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Potted Christmas Trees Are Selling Fast – Get In Now Before Its Too Late

Fraser fir potted Christmas treeOur potted Christmas trees are selling fast with many of the larger size trees already sold out. Potted Christmas trees have regained quite a following. This is due to their easy care and of course the renewable nature of any potted plant.

The Norway spruce potted Christmas tree is still available in sizes up to 110cm (3ft7ins). This tree has the mid to dark green needles and makes a wonderful traditional Christmas tree – no doubt one of the reasons it is so popular. Keep it well watered and it shouldn’t lose any of its needles.

The Fraser fir (pictured) has proven to be very popular this year and we are down to just the one size – 110cm-130cm (3ft7ins-4ft3ins). It is surprising that this tree is still in stock since it is a perfect size for families. The Fraser fir has soft dark green needles and a a wonderful citrusy perfume. This is our most popular tree so stocks are not going to last much longer.

Having a potted Christmas tree is one way of “having your cake and eating it too”. They look superb decorated and with a little water will survive well inside. Once Christmas is over, take them back out into the garden and enjoy them in their own environment. You may need to pot them up, but that will only make them look so much better next Christmas.

There are not many left – if you are after a potted Christmas tree – get in now before it is too late.