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Are You Looking For An Outdoor Christmas Tree?

The perfect outdoor Christmas TreeThe Norway Spruce Christmas tree is what most of us think of when someone mentions a Christmas tree. They are robust well rounded trees that are perfect for outdoor use. They also come in sizes up to 375cms or 12 feet – again, a perfect size for outdoor use.

If there is a problem with the Norway Spruce it is it’s poor needle retention unless in a perfect environment. Needle loss outside is less of an issue than inside – the needles can lay on the ground until Christmas is over, thus adding to the whole appeal.

Where the Norway Spruce has an advantage over other trees is in its hardiness. As a Christmas tree, its branches are strong which means it will handle most types of weather – even a touch of snow. It also means it easy to decorate since the branches are much harder to snap off.

Whether inside or outside, you will always recognize the Norway Spruce because of it’s darker prickly foliage and unique Christmassy perfume. Match this tree with a set of outdoor Christmas lights and you will have a tree that is worth showing off to everyone in your area.

Our Norway Spruce Christmas trees will be ready to collect from the 16th of this month so place your orders now to ensure you get the tree of your choice – especially if you want a tree of a particular size.