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Is Your Potted Christmas Tree Still Good To Go?

Potted Christmas trees have become popular in recent years. However, if you haven’t given it the care it really needs, it may need replacing. Did you pot the tree up after last Christmas? Have you been watering, feeding and trimming the tree ready for this year? If you answer “No” to either one of those questions, then it’s time to check out whether or not it is still suitable for this Christmas.

If your potted Christmas tree is not in great condition, it may not survive indoors, especially when fully decorated. Add any heat sources that tree will be under stress for a couple of weeks. The end result may be a tree with a lot of needle drop, and drooping branches that won’t fully support any decorations. Potted Christmas trees will last years, the biggest drawback being size – if they are healthy, they will continue to grow in height.If your potted tree is getting a little tall to be carted indoors all the time, consider putting in your front garden, fully decorated. You can even buy outdoor Christmas lights to finish off the decorations.

Potted Christmas trees are not that expensive, so they are easily replaced once they have passed their useful indoor life. They can still be planted out into a permanent position in your garden, and they will survive for many years once freed from the pot.  If you really must have that potted tree for one more year, and the branches are starting to droop, be sure to give it plenty of water whilst inside, and to place it where it doesn’t receive too much heat. For drooping branches, you can use garden wire – a form of copper wire that can be used to support branches.  However, don’t be surprised to see needles starting to fall.

Kids love small potted Christmas trees. These trees often grow with the child, however, they don’t last forever when it comes to indoor use at Christmas. Check yours now – don’t wait until it’s time to take it indoors – it may be too late to order a replacement.