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We Still Have A Nice Range Of Christmas Trees Available

Our Christmas trees are disappearing quickly, however, we do have a nice range available for people who are quick. We have our open day this week where many of the remaining trees will no doubt find new homes this Christmas. What Christmas do we have left?

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

Many people consider the Norway Spruce to be the traditional Christmas tree with its mid to dark green foliage and unique scent. We have four sizes still available: 175-200cm; 200cm-225cm; 300cm-325cm; and the 325cm-365cm.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

The Fraser Fir has a traditional pyramid Christmas tree shape. Being a narrow tree it is ideal for tight spaces. This makes it quite a popular tree so stocks become limited reasonably quickly. We have two sizes of this tree available: the 200cm-225cm; and the 225cm-250cm.

Nordman Fir Christmas Tree

The Nordman Fir is one of the most popular Christmas trees having a very symmetrical shape and strong branches. This is once again in high demand and we only have four sizes available. These are: 150cm-175cm; 175cm-200cm; 200cm-225cm; and the 300cm-325cm.

These sizes are available at the time of writing, however, stock of some sizes is limited and there are no guarantees. Please call if you are looking for a Christmas tree to see what stock is still available.

Note the measurement of trees is from the ground to the tip of the leader. The leader can measure 20-40 cms – please bear this in mind when ordering your Christmas tree.

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Potted Christmas Trees Are Selling Fast – Get In Now Before Its Too Late

Fraser fir potted Christmas treeOur potted Christmas trees are selling fast with many of the larger size trees already sold out. Potted Christmas trees have regained quite a following. This is due to their easy care and of course the renewable nature of any potted plant.

The Norway spruce potted Christmas tree is still available in sizes up to 110cm (3ft7ins). This tree has the mid to dark green needles and makes a wonderful traditional Christmas tree – no doubt one of the reasons it is so popular. Keep it well watered and it shouldn’t lose any of its needles.

The Fraser fir (pictured) has proven to be very popular this year and we are down to just the one size – 110cm-130cm (3ft7ins-4ft3ins). It is surprising that this tree is still in stock since it is a perfect size for families. The Fraser fir has soft dark green needles and a a wonderful citrusy perfume. This is our most popular tree so stocks are not going to last much longer.

Having a potted Christmas tree is one way of “having your cake and eating it too”. They look superb decorated and with a little water will survive well inside. Once Christmas is over, take them back out into the garden and enjoy them in their own environment. You may need to pot them up, but that will only make them look so much better next Christmas.

There are not many left – if you are after a potted Christmas tree – get in now before it is too late.

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It’s Christmas Tree Time

It really is that time of year again. Less than forty days to Christmas so everyone is preparing. Shops are starting to decorate, Christmas catalogues are hitting our letterboxes, and our Christmas trees are ready for decorating.  This is one of the busiest times of the year for many businesses and we are no different.

Have you ordered your Christmas tree yet? Our popular Norway Spruce Christmas trees are looking good, the scent of the Fraser Fir Christmas tree is as wonderful as ever and the family favourite, the Nordman Fir Christmas tree, is ready to grace any front room.

Give our trees another week and, under the right conditions, you can enjoy a fresh and bright looking tree all the way through to the end of Christmas. Our recommendation is to take delivery after the 23rd of November. If you take delivery any earlier and start to decorate, you may run the risk of suffering needle drop as Christmas Day approaches.

If you prefer a cut Christmas tree earlier we can oblige although you may want to consider a potted tree – they will last much longer than a cut tree and can be used year after year. Yes- it’s that time of year again – it’s Christmas tree time.

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Are You Looking For An Outdoor Christmas Tree?

The perfect outdoor Christmas TreeThe Norway Spruce Christmas tree is what most of us think of when someone mentions a Christmas tree. They are robust well rounded trees that are perfect for outdoor use. They also come in sizes up to 375cms or 12 feet – again, a perfect size for outdoor use.

If there is a problem with the Norway Spruce it is it’s poor needle retention unless in a perfect environment. Needle loss outside is less of an issue than inside – the needles can lay on the ground until Christmas is over, thus adding to the whole appeal.

Where the Norway Spruce has an advantage over other trees is in its hardiness. As a Christmas tree, its branches are strong which means it will handle most types of weather – even a touch of snow. It also means it easy to decorate since the branches are much harder to snap off.

Whether inside or outside, you will always recognize the Norway Spruce because of it’s darker prickly foliage and unique Christmassy perfume. Match this tree with a set of outdoor Christmas lights and you will have a tree that is worth showing off to everyone in your area.

Our Norway Spruce Christmas trees will be ready to collect from the 16th of this month so place your orders now to ensure you get the tree of your choice – especially if you want a tree of a particular size.

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Nothing Says Christmas Like The Cut Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

cut Christmas treeThink of Christmas, think of cut Christmas trees, you are most likely thinking of the Norway Spruce. Most people cannot put the name to it, but that is the traditional Christmas tree. Some people love them, others detest them because of the extra work that cut Christmas trees bring – when it all boils down – that is what Christmas is all about.

The Norway Spruce is popular because of its strong branches. These branches make it easy for anyone, the youngest child included, to decorate the tree without causing too much damage. The biggest downfall, it does drop needles quickly if it gets too warm. Instead of using the traditional Christmas lights, use LED lights. They generate very little heat so they will not harm the tree.

Cut trees come in a range of sizes. The spruce comes in seven different sizes ranging from around the five foot mark to upwards of ten feet. Pick the size that most suits your needs then prepare your decorations. There is nothing like a cut Christmas tree covered in tinsel, lights, baubles and of course, the mandatory star. There is nothing quite like the look on children’s faces when they see the tree in all its glory.

If you really want to bring a little bit of tradition back into your Christmas then consider the cut Norway Spruce Christmas tree.