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Which Is The Best Christmas Tree For Children?

Christmas trees are not all the same and each type of tree brings its own unique characteristics. The Norway Spruce is the tree that most people associate with Christmas, however, when it comes to children, it is not the friendliest. Christmas is that time of year where children are full of excitement, and that includes wanting to decorate their Christmas trees. With that in mind, especially if you have young children, you need to find a Christmas tree that is very child friendly.

The Fraser Fir and Nordman Fir are both child friendly. Where the Norway Spruce has quite prickly foliage, the Nordman and Fraser firs both have soft foliage. Of the two, the Nordman is probably the friendliest when it comes to children. While these trees can be quite tall, they are also very broad at the base. This gives the child plenty of scope and space to decorate whilst older children (and mum and dad) can concentrate on the higher areas. The Fraser Fir on the other hand is quite narrow, so you don’t get the same area to decorate.

When fully decorated, the Nordman Fir can look spectacular, simply because of its shape. That’s not to say the Fraser Fir doesn’t, however, it takes on a more formal appearance because of its long and narrow shape. Which one is best? It all depends on you and your children. We have found that young children tend to prefer the Nordman Fir while adults and teens prefer the Fraser Fir.  The Nordman Fir has certainly become of the most popular trees selected by families.

One of the benefits of a Fraser Fir is the perfume that the tree gives off. This can waft throughout the home adding a real Christmasy feel to the home. This tree is also perfect for homes where space is at a premium. If you have young children, take a closer look at the Normand Fir. If you have limited space, and you want the added bonus of a gentle Christmas perfume, then take a closer look at the Fraser Fir. Either way, you can’t go wrong when it comes to children.

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What’s Your Favourite Christmas Tree?

Christmas trees come in a range of types and sizes and while they all look great, each brings its own character, habits, and requirements. Many people have grown up with the Norway Spruce as their Christmas tree – this is the tree that many artificial trees are based on, and the one that dominates most images of Christmas. The Nordman Fir has become the most popular tree in recent years while the Fraser Fir has been favoured by those who want something special. If you look at each of these trees, they have different looks, different requirements, and produce different results – which is your favourite?

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree – the traditional Christmas tree. This tree is the least friendly of the three having relatively sharp needles. The Norway Spruce won’t tolerate heat so this tree is best placed either outside or in a corner where it is cool. If the tree gets too warm, it will quickly drop needles. It does, however, look great when fully decorated. If you don’t mind an outside Christmas tree decorated with outside Christmas lights, then this tree is perfect.

Nordman Fir Christmas Tree – the most popular tree currently sold, this tree is quite broad at the base so it does need some space. The Nordman Fir has a much better needle retention rate compared to the Norway Spruce, and will tolerate warmer homes. This is very much a family favourite since the needles are not so sharp and the tree is easier for children to decorate.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree – often the forgotten cousin in the Christmas tree family. The Fraser Fir has a good conical shape and is less broad at the base when compared to the other two trees. The Fraser Fir will fill your home with a gentle perfume, bringing the spirit of Christmas to every room. The Fraser Fir is a low needle drop tree that is very family friendly. Once you have fully decorated a Fraser Fir, you’ll probably never go back to either of the other two – the shape and size just add to the WOW factor produced by your decorations.

Everyone has their own opinion of which Christmas tree they prefer. What is important is to get one that is suitable for the family, and if you have little children, then, for example, the Norway Spruce may not be the best choice. If you only have a narrow space to place your Christmas tree, then the Fraser Fir is possibly the best solution. Christmas trees are an integral part of a traditional Christmas – get the right one and you’ll find that your tree will add that little bit of magic to the Christmas season. One word of advice – once you have selected your favourite tree, be sure to order a Christmas Tree as early as possible. That way you won’t be disappointed this Christmas – we do sell out quickly.

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Are You Thinking About Christmas Yet? We Are And We Suggest You Order Your Potted Trees Early

It may only be August, and Christmas may be several months away, but now is the time to consider your Christmas tree options and we suggest a live potted Christmas Tree. With care, live potted Christmas trees last for several years, always looking great, and reduce the need for disposal after Christmas. Live Christmas trees also bring back a little of the original Christmas feeling where a whole town would decorate a large living Christmas tree year after year.

We at Scottish Christmas Trees  have an ulterior motive for this suggestion as well – we always sell out well before Christmas and we hate to see people missing out. With deliveries scheduled to start in mid October, you can have your potted tree acclimatizing in your yard well before Christmas – this prolongs the tree’s life and ensures it’s fresh and vibrant when you’re ready to take it indoors. You have two choices in potted Christmas tree – the traditional Norway Spruce and the very popular Fraser Fir.

The Norway Spruce is available in six sizes ranging 70cm (2ft4ins) to 190cms (6ft 4ins), and because it’s alive it should not lose to many needles inside the home. However, you will need to keep it well watered and away from direct heat sources like heaters and fires. A nicely decorated Norway Spruce looks on either a table or counter, or in the corner all lit up a like a – like a Christmas Tree, of course.

The Fraser Fir has become hugely popular for a number of reasons. It has a great perfume and is covered in soft dark green needles that are a little friendlier to young hands. This tree is available in five sizes from 110cm (3ft7ins) to 210cm (6ft10ins).

It may only be August, however, we will start to deliver early orders of these trees in around eight weeks – and that’s not a lot of time. We know we sell out early so get your orders in now so you’ll not be disappointed.

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All We Have For Christmas Are Some Potted Christmas Trees

potted Christmas treesIt has been a busy time here at Scottish Christmas Trees. Our trees have literally flown out the door and the result is that all we have left are a few Norway Spruce Christmas trees. We started out with a stock of Christmas trees as seen in this image – you don’t want to see what it looks like now it’s pretty bare.

The Norway Spruce is what most people consider the ‘traditional’ Christmas tree so we always arrange to have plenty in stock. However, these are dwindling fast and will most likely be sold out by this weekend – or much earlier. This tree is popular with the business community as well because of its low needle drop.

Once again, it has been shown that live Christmas trees, either cut or in pots, are still maintaining their popularity. Placing an order early is the only way to guarantee a live tree at Christmas. We hold ordered trees aside and make deliveries when it is convenient for the buyer.

If you’re looking for a Christmas tree and struggling to find one that is suitable, you could try calling us to see if there are any cancellations. This rarely happens but you just never know. We do at least still have a few potted Christmas trees.

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Real Christmas Trees Are The Only Way To Go

Residents of Poole in Dorset are celebrating after a 30-foot fake Christmas tree was removed and replaced with a 30-foot Norway Spruce Christmas tree (read the news story here). It took 5000 Facebook signatures to raise concerns. Unfortunately, the fake tree was only removed after being vandalised.  Commonsense has reigned and now a real tree sits in its place.

We are strongly advocating the use of real Christmas trees each year. They are not only more environmentally friendly, they look great in home and add to the spirit of Christmas with their gentle perfumes wafting about. If you are looking for a Norway Spruce this Christmas then you may be out of luck. We have sold out of all our stock and only have a nice range of Nordman Firs remaining.

Mind you, the Nordman Fir is one of the best Christmas trees to have in the home as it has a history of low needle drop with proper care. It is also one of the most popular trees used at Christmas as it is more child friendly than some of the others. The Nordman has soft needles, which makes it easier for little hands to decorate.

Being a popular tree at Christmas, our remaining stock of Nordman Fir Christmas trees won’t last much longer – call us if you are still looking for a real Christmas tree, before it’s too late.