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You Can Have The Christmas Tradition Even In A Small Home

There is a trend for people to downsize their accommodation these days, often living in small one or two bedroom flats, bed-sitters and even boarding houses. While space may be limited, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a traditional Christmas, and that includes a traditional Christmas tree. You just need to think a little outside the square.

If you are in a flat, especially two or three floors up, then having a cut Christmas tree could prove to be awkward. We can arrange delivery to your door, that’s not a problem. However, how are you going to remove the tree after Christmas? More importantly, if you don’t have a lot of space, where are you going to place it? The same question could be asked of anyone who is living in a small space.

We said to think outside the square. There’s nothing like a real Christmas tree that has been decorated. The perfume alone that comes from a Christmas tree provides a warm and cozy Christmas feeling the moment you walk through the door. You don’t have to have a large cut Christmas tree – instead, go for a smaller pot grown Christmas tree.  You can select between the Norway Spruce Christmas tree and the Fraser Fir Christmas tree. They are both alive and well, and with nurturing, will continue to live for years to come – and they can be brought back in each Christmas, the ultimate in reusing.

Christmas is a special time of year, no matter where you live. Live potted Christmas trees come in a range of sizes so you can select the one that is best suited to your available space. You can still dress them up with Christmas lights and baubles, and you can still arrange the traditional Christmas presents around the base. There is one down side to buy a potted Christmas tree – we have limited stock and they are very popular, so you need to order as early as possible.

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Christmas Trees Bring Cheer To Workplaces – Has Your Workplace Ordered Theirs Yet?

Christmas trees are returning to the workplace in greater numbers each year. Unfortunately they are often the imitation type, made from plastic and aluminium. There’s nothing that brings home the message of Christmas like the look, feel and perfume of a real Christmas tree, and they can be easy to set up and easy to care for.

Whether your workplace is an office, a shop front or a factory, there is always room for a Christmas tree. I noticed last year one business that involved their customers in the decoration of their tree. Each customer was invited to hang a bauble or piece of tinsel – the end result was a very attractive Christmas tree, and one in which the customers had a little ownership in. It was a neat little piece of marketing.

One of the benefits of a real Christmas tree is the range of trees available, from both cut or potted, and the range of sizes. You can have a tree that is small enough to sit on a table, or large six foot plus tree that would look grand in any corner, especially all dressed up. The downside to a real Christmas tree is that you really do need to order one early if you want to secure a tree to meet your needs.

By ordering a tree early, you can guarantee the size and type of tree – you can even have your Christmas tree delivered to your door, all ready for decorating. The workplace doesn’t have to be a dreary place in the lead up to Christmas. Dress up your workplace with a brightly decorated Christmas tree and share the good cheer of the festive season.

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A Potted Christmas Is Not Necessarily A Small Christmas Tree

potted Christmas treeIf you think a potted Christmas tree is a small desktop type Christmas tree then think again. Our potted Christmas trees can be found as tall as 175 cm (5ft9ins) in both the Fraser Fir and the Norway Spruce. That may be a little large for a desktop  – but perfect for situations where space is at a premium.

Why pick a potted Christmas tree? There are many reasons but here are a few. Our potted Christmas trees:

  • are alive – you can reuse them for many years with care
  • don’t require a special stand  – the pot acts as the stand
  • are easy to decorate – you don’t require a ladder
  • stay fresh for many weeks with the right care
  • are great for the environment since there is little to throw away

Actually, being alive, a potted Christmas tree makes a perfect early Christmas present for a loved one, particularly a parent living alone. They often don’t bother with things like Christmas trees when they are by themselves.

As I have mentioned, the tree is easy to decorate, doesn’t require removal after Christmas and can be kept outside until the following Christmas for use again. In fact, make it a special Christmas and the tree will be a constant reminder for the full year.

That is the one thing that potted Christmas trees do have over all other trees – the memories of Christmas. Every time you step outside, there is the reminder of the Christmas just past. Once it is too big for its pot – find a permanent home  where it will continue to bring back memories.

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Buy A Live Christmas Tree And Help To Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Did you know that live Christmas trees help to reduce greenhouse gases whilst artificial trees add to greenhouse gases? It’s all true so you can be proactive in helping to combat these effects whilst enjoying a truly traditional Christmas.

Christmas trees remove carbon dioxideThink about the differences between the two trees. Artificial trees are made from plastics and plastics normally come from petrochemicals. Plastics break down extremely slowly and when they do, they give off toxic gases.

Live Christmas trees, on the other hand, do the exact opposite. If you buy the cut variety, they break down and effectively become compost. Live Christmas trees in a pot can be transferred to the garden or a larger pot where they will work tirelessly to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Christmas trees are a sustainable and renewable crop. If we stopped planting new trees we would soon run out of stock so we have an active planting program that ensures we have plenty of stock for future years. In fact, as business grows and our trees’ popularity continues to grow, we have to plant more trees each year than what we sell.

You may think that one tree is not going to make that much difference.  However, if everyone thought that, where would we be? Live Christmas trees, either cut or in a pot, not only make a great Christmas centrepiece, they help to reduce carbon emissions. Live Christmas trees are a wonderful addition to Christmas – if you ever needed a reason to buy one, now you have it. You’re helping to save the world!

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Add A Potted Christmas Tree To WOW Your Office Celebrations

Every year I see more and more work places decorating with the spirit of Christmas – some even go so far as to add a Christmas tree. What a pity it’s often a plastic one. To really get into the spirit of Christmas, why not add a live potted Christmas tree instead?

potted Fraser firThe Fraser fir is the most popular potted tree – it brings with it that wonderful Christmassy perfume that tells the world that Christmas is here. Dress it up with the smaller baubles, a short string of LED lights and, of course, the star at the top and you have the WOW factor.

Potted live Christmas trees look absolutely smashing when they are all dressed up, lights blinking away and, you know, the perfume. What a wonderful gift to give away when Christmas is over – or perhaps take it home yourself and grow it on ready for the following Christmas.

There is only problem with potted Christmas trees – they are really popular and sell out so quickly. If you’re going to WOW your customers and staff you will need to get in early to secure one.

The pictured potted live Fraser fir comes in four sizes from 90cm (2ft11ins) to 175cm (5ft9ins) – get in early and secure yours for a truly wonderful Christmas.