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Christmas Trees And Fairy Lights – Everyone’s Favourite

flashing fairy lights for your Christmas treeA Christmas tree dressed up with multi-coloured fairy lights is probably everyone’s favourite decoration. The Christmas tree looks great all dressed up with baubles and pretty decorations but it isn’t until the lights go on that oohs and aahs start – especially when it comes to children. The look on their faces says it all – they just stare open mouthed in amazement.

Multi-coloured fairy lights always seem to be more popular than the single colour. Static lights are still popular (in fact, we have sold out of some models already) and it would be a toss-up to see which was more popular – static or flashing. Children certainly prefer the flashing lights whilst adults seem to prefer the static.

These lights are over 21 metres in length with 200 lights in total. They are suitable for indoor use only. Being multi-coloured and multi-action they are sure to be favourites with the younger generation.

If you have a large tree then the larger set of fairy lights that comes complete with 300 mult-coloured lights may be more suitable. This string of lights measures over 37 metres in length – enough to comfortably decorate our largest Christmas trees.

If multi-coloured are not your cup of tea then we have fairy lights in white. Our range of LED fairy lights may also be of interest. Rather than using the standard miniature light bulb, they use LEDs. These use less power so they generate far less heat yet give off the same amount of light.

A Christmas tree is not complete without the traditional lights – just ask the children. I am sure they wait for that special moment when the lights come on.

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LED Lights Breath New Life Into Christmas Trees

Christmas LED lights for your Christmas treeChristmas trees were once lit using candles. You can imagine how busy firefighters were over the Christmas period. Candles were eventually replaced by fairy lights. These were far better than candles although they did have problems of their own.

Some of the problems associated with fairly lights include heat, fire and reliability. Good lights are fairly reliable, however, mini-light globes are always going to die when you least expect them to.

Christmas trees themselves haven’t really evolved too much over the years. It is the decorations that have changed and fairy lights are no different. They are now being replaced by LED lights.These lights have great advantages over their rivals, the fairy lights.

LEDs produce far less heat so they are far safer when it comes to fires or damaging your tree. They also consume far less in the way of electricity. LEDs  don’t actually contain any light bulbs.  The end result is a smaller brighter light that consumes less energy than a standard fairy light and has far less in the way of maintenance issues.

If you were to dress up two Christmas trees, one with fairy lights and one with LEDs, all things being equal, the tree with the LEDs will look in better shape than the Christmas tree with fairy lights.

When you compare the features of LED Christmas lights to fairy lights, the LED lights are less damaging so your tree will stay looking fresh all the way through Christmas.

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A Christmas Tree For The Dining Table

Christmas trees for the dining tableWe would be the first to admit that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the traditional Christmas tree. Why not extend the tradition and add a Christmas tree to the dining table. Of course, they are not living or cut trees, but they do create a talking point.

Standing 40cms tall, these silver spiral trees come complete with static blue LED lights and the decoration finished using small blue and red baubles. Stunning? Yes. Different? Yes. A talking point? Most definitely.

If you’re not a silver person then perhaps a similar tree in gold with static white LED lights would suit your tastes. I can envisage a large family gathering, a table big enough to seat 10 or 12, and two or three of these sparkling Christmas trees adding a cheery touch.

Whilst we all enjoy the traditions that come with events like Christmas, it is always nice to add some of the modern decorative items to the occasion. It’s a way of personalizing a traditional Christmas – adding your own personal touch.

Table top decorations will never replace the traditional cut Christmas tree, but then, they are not supposed to. Table top Christmas trees like the one shown in the picture are designed to bring the joy of a cut Christmas tree to the dining table. They do this with style and are one option that is well worth considering when looking to put the finishing touches on your Christmas this year.

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LED Christmas Lights – The Safe Option

There are some things in life where safe means boring. When it comes to Christmas lights, safe can mean a lot more than just boring – besides, there is nothing boring about LED Christmas lights. LEDs have been around for a while now and they are becoming more popular as each year passes. This is due, no doubt, to the wide array of colours together with the features that LEDs now come with.

In the past, we used strings of lights that used miniature light bulbs. These looked good although if one bulb blew, the rest failed to operate. They were also considered to be fire hazards – this was true if they were poorly maintained and used. LEDs are considerably safer. They certainly use far less energy and have a much longer lifespan – some manufacturers claim 10 times as many hours, others 100 times. Some claim 1000 hours of operation before they fail.

Where LEDs are different to standard bulbs is in their makeup. They are solid-state, not bulbs. You can tread on an LED and not break it. Try that with a standard light. Because they have no filament, they don’t generate as much heat, another factor that makes them safer options.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Christmas lights flashing away. Brightly coloured Christmas lights add the finishing touch to any home’s Christmas decorations. If you’re in the market for Christmas lights then have a look at the range of LED Christmas lights that are available. They have all the features of your standard lights – plus more.