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Turning Christmas Cards Into Christmas Decorations

Here’s a suggestion that all the family can do – turning your old Christmas cards into Christmas decorations. It doesn’t have to be old Christmas cards either – if you haven’t kept them, then pick up one of those boxes of cheap cards and use them. Your options are many and this is one activity that even the smallest child can help with, especially if you have children’s safety scissors.

Kids love to cut things out so let them cut out the pictures from the front of your Christmas cards. Use a small hole punch to put holes in the cut out images, then either thread them onto a long piece of thread or use them with plastic cable ties to decorate your Christmas tree. If you want a different look, cut the verse that often appears inside Christmas cards and scatter them around your tree – the effect is even better if you cut them out in different shapes.

Images that have been threaded can be used to frame windows, doorways or from corner to corner in a room. Your children can also make interesting Christmas collages that can be placed in windows, or in their bedrooms. If you are dexterous with a craft knife, you can cut images from the front of cards that place the card just in front of  Christmas lights – the effect is a little like a lantern with light coming through where the image has been removed. Your use of old Christmas cards is really only limited by your imagination.

If you receive a few Christmas cards each year, consider punching a hole in one corner of the card and hanging them from the branches of your Christmas tree. They help to add dimension to the tree, especially if hung close to the truck rather than from the ends of branches. We live in a world of recycling and reusing, so why let your youngsters recycle those old Christmas cards – they make great Christmas decorations.

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Hand Made Christmas Tree Decorations

You can decorate your Christmas tree with a wide range of different items ranging from commercially produced decorations to natural items found in the home, in the garden and in the woods. Nothing beats those hand made decorations that youngsters make.

They may not have all the sparkle or glitter or bright colours that commercially produced decorations have, but those commercially produced decorations don’t have that personal touch that hand made decorations bring to your Christmas tree.

Most families combine the two. The commercially produced decorations go onto the tree and when completed, the home (or school) made decorations are then added to take pride of place – and so they should. You can see the look of pride on a child’s face when the Christmas tree is finished and their decorations are prominent. They won’t be shy in telling your guests who made which decoration, either.

It is a sign that Christmas is still a time for families. The Christmas tree is often the focal point with family members traveling from near and far to see the tree, add their gifts, and to share in the joy that is Christmas.

Do you or your children make the Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree? If you need a few extra decorations to complement those made at home, don’t forget to check the range we have available at Scottish Christmas Trees.

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Do Something Different With Your Christmas Tree This Year

Are you tired of the same old Christmas tree decorations? It can happen – the flashing lights, baubles (have you seen the latest range of baubles we have in stock?) and sundry decorations start to look tired over time. Perhaps it’s time you did something completely different with your Christmas tree. Perhaps it’s time you went back in time a little.

Long before baubles, flashing lights, tinsel and all the other modern decorations came along, children would make their own. You still can. All you need is some paint – gold, silver, blue and red will do for starters and some pine cones. A couple of youngsters to get their hands dirty may also help.

Pine cones? Just go for a stroll through the woods – you will find pine cones scattered everywhere. In fact, I am sure your children can tell you where to find them. While you’re at it, collect interesting berries and flowers or foliage that can be added.

It’s a simple process. Paint the pine cones in the range of colors you want and hang them from the tree. If you want the glitter affect, simply add a little glitter to the pine cones as the paint is starting to dry. Add the berries, flowers and foliage and your tree is ready.

If you want to add an extra touch, you can find up lights (similar to down lights) in many lighting stores – they are quite cheap and use little in the way of power and generate hardly any heat at all. Place on the floor behind the tree facing towards the ceiling.

There you have it. A glittering Christmas tree that has been hand decorate by the family sitting proudly in the corner. The Christmas tree – I would recommend a real Fraser Fir from our outstanding collection of Christmas trees this year – it’s perfect for handmade decorations.