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Are You Lighting Up Your House This Christmas?

It’s becoming a tradition at Christmas. People climb into their cars, or take special buses, then tour around their local towns or cities just to view the Christmas lights on show – and some of those light shows are absolutely brilliant. I know there are many who do decorate their homes that are already either planning or putting together their light show. It can take thousands of lights to make some of their show pieces, and the light of choice today is the LED – and for good reason too.

LEDs use less energy and create far less heat compared to standard light bulbs. The technology is such that if one LED fails, the remaining lights will continue to operate. This is in contrast to the string lights of old, where one blown bulb would render the whole string useless, until you found and replaced the faulty bulb that is. LEDs have long life spans as well as making them ideal for use year after year.

Are you going to dress up your home with a brilliant light show? If so, we have all the lights you need including:

  • Traditional fairy lights
  • LED string lights
  • Connectable lights
  • Micro lights
  • Net/Icicle lights
  • Cluster lights
  • Rope lights, and
  • Decorative lights

Of course, lights will create the show, however, you also need the power packs and power leads to keep them going, and we can supply them as well.  We can also supply a range of battery powered Christmas lights for use in areas where you’d rather not be connected to mains power. Christmas has become synonymous with festivities, Christmas trees and exquisitely planned Christmas light shows. We can supply the lights. Do you have the artistic flair to put together a light show?

If not, that doesn’t mean you can’t light up your home for your own enjoyment – just putting the lights together is an exciting time for the family. Christmas is not that far away – order your lights now before it’s too late and you’ll receive them in plenty of time to decorate your home.

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How Many Lights Should You Put On Your Christmas Tree?

Christmas lights for your Christmas treeA Christmas tree is not complete without the star on top and the lights switched on. Christmas lights come in varying lengths with each length containing a certain number of lights. Do you know how many lights should go on your tree?

The formula is pretty easy – about 30 lights per foot in height. A four foot tree should have no more than 120 lights – a five foot tree no more than 150 lights. We have a chart on all about lights fact page if you need any help for your tree.

LED lights are much safer than the traditional string lights. They also use less power so they generate less heat as well. This reduces the stress on your Christmas tree, helping it to stay fresh longer.

Traditional string lights are still popular and in use by a lot of families. These lights have their own unique bulb shape and look great hanging in and around the foliage of a Christmas tree. Flashing lights are always popular, especially the multi-coloured lights. If you want to catch a child’s attention, just turn on the Christmas fairy lights – it works every time.

Don’t overcrowd your Christmas tree with too many lights. It is not good for the tree and doesn’t improve the look. Sometimes – fewer can be much better.

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LED Lights Breath New Life Into Christmas Trees

Christmas LED lights for your Christmas treeChristmas trees were once lit using candles. You can imagine how busy firefighters were over the Christmas period. Candles were eventually replaced by fairy lights. These were far better than candles although they did have problems of their own.

Some of the problems associated with fairly lights include heat, fire and reliability. Good lights are fairly reliable, however, mini-light globes are always going to die when you least expect them to.

Christmas trees themselves haven’t really evolved too much over the years. It is the decorations that have changed and fairy lights are no different. They are now being replaced by LED lights.These lights have great advantages over their rivals, the fairy lights.

LEDs produce far less heat so they are far safer when it comes to fires or damaging your tree. They also consume far less in the way of electricity. LEDs  don’t actually contain any light bulbs.  The end result is a smaller brighter light that consumes less energy than a standard fairy light and has far less in the way of maintenance issues.

If you were to dress up two Christmas trees, one with fairy lights and one with LEDs, all things being equal, the tree with the LEDs will look in better shape than the Christmas tree with fairy lights.

When you compare the features of LED Christmas lights to fairy lights, the LED lights are less damaging so your tree will stay looking fresh all the way through Christmas.

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Christmas Trees, Fairy Lights and Children’s Dreams

Christmas trees and fairy lightsChildren are fascinated by Christmas trees, especially when they are decorated with coloured flashing fairy lights. The lights seem to have a magic air that locks into the imagination of young children. It always delights me to sit back and watch my young ones – they can sit for hours just watching those twinkling lights.

I prefer LED lights but when it comes to children, the LED’s just don’t seem to have the same aura that fairy lights have. Let’s face it, Christmas trees are not finished until they have that array of flashing lights, either LED or fairy. If you have young children, just watch them and compare their reactions between the two sets of lights – they will prefer the fairy lights every time.

Unlike LED’s, fairy lights require more care. They are miniature light bulbs so they have the same problems that any normal light bulb has – they can be easily broken if mishandled and will burn out eventually. Some light systems will fail to operate if just one bulb fails – that is the biggest problem with fairy lights. Replace the bulb and you have your lights back again.

Christmas is a time of dreams and wishes – children always have their Christmas wish lists. Christmas trees are a big part of that dream and Christmas trees with strands of flashing fairy lights complete the picture. Just watch your children – their faces tell the whole story.