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So, we promised they would come and here they are – some visual references to key tree decorating trends for 2011.  Number 2 to follow.

1. Traditional

Comforting to know that good old traditional colours reds, golds and greens won’t be sneared at this year for being old fashioned, but will see a strong position for 2011 fitting the market wide trend for ‘comfort’, ‘traditional’, ‘home sweet home’, ‘log fires’, ‘natural materials, cosey and warming’ – see it spread  across the catwalk and into homewares. And then, of course, into the Christmas home.  We are thinking mixing reds and golds, different shaped baubles with greens. Glitter, frosted and tear drop shaped  to give a variety of shapes and textures – use  ribbon in the same colours and tie bows onto the end  some branches. To keep in this style, go for cream lights to give a soft glow and a really traditional ambience to the room.

Scottish Christmas Trees Green Baubles close up
Red and Gold Christmas Tree Decorations
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Time Is Running Short – Have Your Ordered Your Christmas Tree Yet?

Christmas is not that far off now – in fact, in just four short weeks from now most people will be looking to start decorating their Christmas trees. Of course, the first step is to make sure you actually have a Christmas tree to decorate.

The easiest way to ensure you have a Christmas tree ready to decorate is to order one now. Once your order is placed, we will ensure we deliver a fresh cut tree that meets your requirements on the day you request – unless of course you wish to pick it up yourself.

You can always tell a fresh cut Christmas tree. You can smell the freshness when they arrive – a spicy, fruity smell that is unique to Christmas and Christmas trees. Spending time together as family decorating the tree is always a special time. Children, of course, only think of Santa, but then, that’s all part of what makes it Christmas.

If you haven’t ordered your Christmas tree then now is the time to do it. In past years we have had some stocks run out early so if you require a particular type or size – act now. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a decorated Christmas tree.

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Spruce Up Your Christmas Trees With Baubles

Black Baubles for your Christmas treeChristmas trees can’t sit in a corner all by themselves. One of the reasons we have Christmas trees is to dress them up to make them look pretty and every year we want to make them just that little bit prettier.

The standard Christmas tree decorations include tinsel, baubles, little figurines, lights and either a star or an angel to adorn the top. Christmas tree lights provide the show but it is the baubles that really make the difference.

Baubles are bright and shiny and provide the perfect surface for Christmas lights to bounce off of. In fact, you don’t even need Christmas lights. Your normal household lights provide a glittering effect as the light bounces off the baubles. If there is the slightest air movement your baubles will swing further, adding to the light show.

Baubles used to be fairly staid Christmas decorations. They came in a basic set of red, green, white/silver and gold. These days, you name a colour and I am sure there will be a bauble that comes close to matching it.

Today’s picture features the black/pewter coloured baubles. Like the complete bauble range, they are available in a number of sizes, shapes (they are not all round) and shades. The black baubles are available in shades from grey through to deep shiny black.

Have a look at the range of baubles available and get ready to spruce up your Christmas tree – and what better tree to decorate? A Norway Spruce, of course.

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Christmas Trees And Christmas Wreaths – What’s The Connection?

Christmas wreath made from Christmas tree foliageWe speak a lot about Christmas trees – and why not? That is the major component of our business. Christmas wreaths are just as popular and there is a direct connection between two – and it’s not the word “Christmas.”

Whether it is a plain Christmas wreath or a heavily decorated one, they are all made using the foliage from firs. Which firs? The Nordman Fir  – the foliage on the Nordman Fir is perfect for assembling into a Christmas wreath. Yes – our wreaths are made from real foliage, there is nothing artificial about them at all.

The traditional wreath pictured is put together using oranges, cinnamon sticks, pumpkins, dried chillies, cones and dried seed heads – again that is real decorations, not plastic or artificial.

These make wonderful adornments for the front door where they can welcome you and your guests to your home. Follow this up inside with a nicely decorated Christmas tree and you have completed the look.

Our Christmas wreaths are available in four different styles; The Original (undecorated), The Traditional (pictured), The Scottish (using rustic, naturally dried produce) and The Festive (decorated with red ribbon, red berries and cones).

FreshChristmas wreaths last weeks and stay looking bright and fresh. It must have something to do with the Christmas tree foliage used to create our wreaths.