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Forget Your Plastic Christmas Wreaths – Get The Real Thing

Christmas wreaths have many uses. Often used to adorn the front doors of many homes, they also make great Christmas gifts for fellow workers when you’re stuck for suggestions. I have even seen them hanging from the front or rear of cars as they drive around town. While plastic wreaths are often cheap, they can also look that way. There’s really nothing that comes close to the beauty and style of a handmade Christmas wreath that made using items produced by nature.

Traditional Christmas WreathAt Scottish Christmas Trees, we hand make our Christmas wreaths to order using fresh foliage and a combination of berries, pine cones, dried fruit and seed heads. We even produce a plain wreath that you can decorate to suit your tastes. If you’re looking for that really special Christmas wreath, then I suggest you consider our Traditional Wreath. This is made using attractive seed heads, dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and pretty little pumpkinos, and is finished with a stunning organza ribbon.

Last season’s most popular wreath was the Chic Wreath. This wreath is hand decorated with silver and purple decorations and finished with a lavish purple ribbon. It was so popular we ran out of stock well before Christmas.  Which wreath will be this festive season’s most popular? We’ll have to wait and see, we may even release a new one for this year so keep your eyes open for any news on that.

Because we use real produce and not plastic or imitation, Christmas wreaths can only be delivered after the 21st of November. We make our wreaths to order so you will need to have your order in to us as early as possible, otherwise you may be disappointed. We ran out of all wreath stock early last year, with the Chic Christmas Wreath running out very early.

If you wish to give your wreath as a present, let us know and we’ll be happy to deliver to them including a card with a personal message from you. Christmas wreaths make an entry welcoming at Christmas, especially if they are hand made using natural products – they sure beat those plastics wreaths every time.

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Table Top Christmas Decorations For Christmas Dinner

table top Christmas decorationWith ten days left until Christmas day most people will have their Christmas trees up and fully decorated. For children, the countdown to Christmas day is well and truly underway whilst for this years Christmas dinner, preparations will no doubt be underway. What about your Christmas dinner presentation?

Many of us have a Christmas table cloth that gets its annual workout on Christmas day, possibly festive placemats, yuletide serviettes and maybe even a special dinner setting. What about table top decorations? The silver spiral tree (pictured) stands 40cm and looks spectacular with its 24 static LED lights and arrangement of small red and blue baubles.

This table top Christmas decoration will certainly create a talking point and children will sit in awe – perhaps producing their quietest Christmas in many years (no guarantees there, of course). It will certainly add some character to your Christmas dinner this year.

Christmas is one of the last truly traditional festivals left. Easter is still big in many communities but nowhere near as big as the Christmas period. Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, Christmas lights and Christmas decorations are everywhere you look. There is no other annual celebration that brings the world together with such festivity.

How are you spending Christmas this year? Is your Christmas tree ready to go; are your Christmas decorations up and looking good? What about your diner table, is that decorated to reflect the season?

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Hand Made Christmas Tree Decorations

You can decorate your Christmas tree with a wide range of different items ranging from commercially produced decorations to natural items found in the home, in the garden and in the woods. Nothing beats those hand made decorations that youngsters make.

They may not have all the sparkle or glitter or bright colours that commercially produced decorations have, but those commercially produced decorations don’t have that personal touch that hand made decorations bring to your Christmas tree.

Most families combine the two. The commercially produced decorations go onto the tree and when completed, the home (or school) made decorations are then added to take pride of place – and so they should. You can see the look of pride on a child’s face when the Christmas tree is finished and their decorations are prominent. They won’t be shy in telling your guests who made which decoration, either.

It is a sign that Christmas is still a time for families. The Christmas tree is often the focal point with family members traveling from near and far to see the tree, add their gifts, and to share in the joy that is Christmas.

Do you or your children make the Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree? If you need a few extra decorations to complement those made at home, don’t forget to check the range we have available at Scottish Christmas Trees.

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Nothing Says Christmas Like The Cut Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

cut Christmas treeThink of Christmas, think of cut Christmas trees, you are most likely thinking of the Norway Spruce. Most people cannot put the name to it, but that is the traditional Christmas tree. Some people love them, others detest them because of the extra work that cut Christmas trees bring – when it all boils down – that is what Christmas is all about.

The Norway Spruce is popular because of its strong branches. These branches make it easy for anyone, the youngest child included, to decorate the tree without causing too much damage. The biggest downfall, it does drop needles quickly if it gets too warm. Instead of using the traditional Christmas lights, use LED lights. They generate very little heat so they will not harm the tree.

Cut trees come in a range of sizes. The spruce comes in seven different sizes ranging from around the five foot mark to upwards of ten feet. Pick the size that most suits your needs then prepare your decorations. There is nothing like a cut Christmas tree covered in tinsel, lights, baubles and of course, the mandatory star. There is nothing quite like the look on children’s faces when they see the tree in all its glory.

If you really want to bring a little bit of tradition back into your Christmas then consider the cut Norway Spruce Christmas tree.

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A Xmas Tree Is Just A Tree Without The Decorations

A tree doesn’t become a Xmas tree until it’s been proudly decorated by the family. Whether it is tinsel, coloured lights, baubles or decorations made by the children – your tree needs those decorations to come alive.

baubles for your Xmas treeIt’s also a symbol for the family. Xmas is coming – but when mum is cry from the kids. Decorate that tree and everything changes – Xmas is here, again. Children love to decorate Xmas trees and they seem to have a pretty good eye for it too.

Baubles are the most popular decorations. They are available in a range of colours although red is by far the most popular followed by silver and gold. They look a little like fruit hanging from the Xmas tree.

They are not the only decorations. The crowning glory is the star that sits at the top of the tree. This has always been a tradition – a symbol – with dad, or grandpa, being the person who places the star. These days families have their own traditions. Perhaps each person has a turn or it is left to the youngest – this is where many traditions start.

Xmas trees are the center of everyone’s Christmas. It’s where most families gather when gifts are handed out. It’s where many families gather to sing Christmas carols – or to just be together. Christmas is not Christmas without a real life Xmas tree – order yours today and you won’t disappoint the family.