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What’s Behind Your Christmas Tree?

This may sound like a silly question, however, I’ll ask it anyway. What’s behind your Christmas tree? Having a well decorated Christmas tree can be spoilt by a poor background. Professionals, when photographing decorated Christmas trees, often use black curtains as a backdrop. The Christmas tree really stands out and photographs really well. If you go to shows where decorated Christmas trees are on show, you’ll notice the same.  You could hang a black curtain behind your Christmas tree, however, you don’t need to go to that extreme. Just stand back and look at the space either side and behind, then consider what you could add to finish the effect. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A Christmas wreath – this is the simplest addition. Hang a Christmas wreath at a height and distance that adds to the overall effect of your Christmas tree. This is particularly useful if you have a wide light coloured wall behind your tree. It also looks good hanging from a curtain rail in a window.
  • Potted colour – while winter may be approaching, you can still find garden shops with flowering pot plants. Place these on a stand to one side of your Christmas tree. Find flowers who’s colour complement your Christmas tree. If you have a wide wall behind your tree, you could try placing potted colour either side of your Christmas tree.
  • Baubles – hang two or three large baubles, or a single ball made from large baubles, to one side and just below the height of your Christmas tree. If you are using several large baubles, vary their height. To make a single ball using baubles, using a hot glue gun to attach baubles around a central bauble.
  • Garlands – garlands made from anything that catches your imagination can add to interest to your Christmas tree. Hang several garlands below each other in a wave shape rather than using straight lines.
  • Christmas lights – hang net lights behind your Christmas tree. This doesn’t add a lot to your tree during the day unless you have a dark background. However, it can add a touch of magic at night.

Of course, you could mix and match those ideas, however, our suggestion is simple – less is more. Your Christmas tree is the star of the show, anything else is designed to complement it and to help it stand out. It’s always a lot of fun putting it altogether however.

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Why Don’t You Send A Loved One A Green Gift This Christmas

There are millions of people who are going to be away from family this Christmas, and while the Internet has certainly made the world a lot smaller, everyone will feel that absence – those at home, and those away from home. Traditionally, we send Christmas cards and gift. Even that is changing now as people turn to e-Cards and buy gifts online that are automatically sent to the loved one. Have you considered sending a green gift this Christmas?

Green gifts can come in a number of formats. We can send, on your behalf, a wonderful Christmas wreath. There are a number to choose from, however, if you really want to make someone’s Christmas special, order in a plain wreath and decorate it yourself. You can either personally deliver it, or you can send it to them through the parcel post service. Our Christmas wreaths are made using real foliage from Christmas trees, and a wide assortment of decorations.

Another green alternative is a real live Christmas tree. We can deliver either a fresh cut real Christmas tree, or a tree that is still growing in a pot. If you are close enough to deliver the tree yourself, consider a small pot grown tree that you can hand deliver, already decorated. Better yet, deliver the tree and Christmas decorations and spend some time decorating the tree together.

Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees are relatively inexpensive, yet they make a great gift. One of the benefits of a pot grown Christmas tree is that it will live on after Christmas, and if kept in a pot, can be re-used for several more years. A green gift could be the novel gift that makes this Christmas special for a loved one, especially if you’re a long way from home.

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Christmas Gifts – It’s Not Too Late To Give Some Green

If you pay a visit to our web site, one of the first things you may notice are the red banners popping up everywhere – Out of stock! is their announcement. However, it’s still not too late to give a green Christmas gift this year. We still have a number of Christmas wreaths left and a few Norway Spruce potted Christmas trees.

The Christmas trees are the gift that will keep growing and bring continued pleasure. Our Christmas wreaths would certainly make a different gift. Younger family members often don’t think about traditional decorations like live Christmas wreaths. They make a perfect Christmas gift when visiting your children or grandchildren.

Potted trees on the other hand are great to give to parents or grandparents. If they live alone, they often don’t bother fussing with a Christmas tree. A small tree in a pot could be the perfect Christmas gift. Once Christmas has been and gone, take the tree outside and it will continue to live through till next Christmas.

Whatever you do, don’t decide when it’s too late and the only thing you can find is an out of stock banner. We can still arrange for delivery any time between now and the 22nd. Giving someone a green Christmas gift is always special, especially if it’s something traditional like a tree or a wreath.

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Christmas Wreaths Add The Finishing Touch

Chic Christmas WreathYou have your Christmas tree and no doubt many people will have already started, or completed, decorating it. The final touch to your Christmas decorating has to be hanging the Christmas wreath on the front door. It’s like a signal to all your friends – ‘we have finished our Christmas decorating, come and have a look’.

Christmas wreaths are a feature in themselves. We no longer place a plain undecorated wreath on our doors. Modern wreaths are decorated with all sorts of bric-a-brac. Our range of Christmas wreaths include the Chic Wreath (pictured) which is made from:

Nordman Fir foliage and hand decorated with cedar rose cones, purple and silver shatterproof baubles, silver hip shaped berries and a wonderful purple ribbon that has been tied into an extravagant bow

This is just one wreath in our range of handmade Christmas wreaths. The range  includes:

The Scottish Wreath – decorated with tartan ribbon and seed heads,

The Festive Wreath – decorations include berries and cones,

The Contemporary Wreath – decorated with plumosum cones, blue shatterproof baubles and pearl sprays,

The Traditional Wreath – decorated with oranges, cinnamon sticks and many other traditional decorations, and

The Original Wreath – undecorated and ready for you to decorate with your favourite items.

There is a wreath there to please everyone. Wreaths ordered now will last through to the end of Christmas with no problems.

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Order Christmas Wreaths Online

Ordering all of the things you need for Christmas online and having them delivered to you saves you time and money. It also allows you to view a wider assortment of Christmas trees, lights and decorations.

We all have enough to do during the holidays and we tend to get so busy that we lose sight of the fact that this is time you should be spending with your family instead of at the shops and stores.

We offer a wide assortment of Christmas wreaths for you to choose from and we can deliver them right to your door. You can also order your Christmas tree, Christmas lights and Christmas decorations and have them all delivered at once.

Click here to view the Christmas wreaths we have to offer!

Merry Christmas!