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Add Variety To Your Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating a Christmas tree should be fun. However, it can become boring if, year after year, you just use Christmas lights, baubles and tinsel. Why don’t you break with tradition this year and really have fun. If you have children, get them to join in. Christmas decorations can be made from anything. Here are a few ideas to stimulate your imagination:

  • Fresh flower daisy chains – okay, they don’t last for long, but kids love to make them and if you have enough flowers, keep making new ones.
  • Paper chains – cut old wrapping paper and/or colored paper into one inch strips six inches long and put them together in loops to make a colourful chain. Make the paper strips thinner, wider, longer or shorter to vary the effect.
  • Presents – wrap small boxes with Christmas paper to look like small presents. Make squares, rectangles, triangles and even ball shaped “presents”.
  • Sweets – hang small bags of sweets from the tree. You can use them as rewards if you have children.
  • Nature – there are many items that come from nature. Pine cones, acorns, berries, twigs, leaves just to name a few. Dip them in paint and hang them from your tree. See how creative you can get by putting them together. You can also purchase a plain Christmas wreath and decorate that using these items.

When you make your own decorations, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. Creativity has no rules bar one – whether or not you like the finished effect. One word of warning, once you start, it’s hard to stop, and the last thing you want is a tree that is over decorated. There is one thing we do know – there’s nothing more satisfying than creating your own Christmas decorations, especially when family and friends look at your Christmas tree and say – WOW! Still don’t have a Christmas tree? Perhaps we can help.

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Getting Your Christmas Wreath To Stay Fresh

caring for your Christmas Wreath Christmas Wreaths are traditionally made to hang from your front door. This means they are more acclimatised to the cold outside air than the warm indoor air. This doesn’t mean you cannot have them inside, you just need to take some special care with them.

The one factor that effects all cut plant material is dehydration. The plant material loses water and so starts to lose colour, shrivel up, and discard what ever is necessary to conserve what little water is left. The obvious solution is the keep any cut plant life as hydrated as possible.

You may feel that keeping a Christmas wreath hydrated is a little difficult. It isn’t since it is as much what you don’t do as what you do – do. The biggest threat to hydration is heat so keeping your Christmas wreath as cool as possible is the first step. Moving air is a second threat so keeping it away from breezes can be a good move.

Other ways to keep your Christmas wreath hydrated include giving it water. This can be a little difficult but a little thought can solve the problem. Remove the wreath from it’s hanging place and give it a gentle spray from a water bottle. If you have water sensitive decorations then spray it from the back. You only need to give the plant material a light spray so shake off any excess before returning the wreath to the door. This will provide some humidity for the foliage to absorb and so remain hydrated. Christmas wreaths – no Christmas is complete without a welcoming wreath at the door.