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Small Pot Grown Christmas Trees

If you need a Christmas tree for a very small area, pot grown Christmas trees are the answer. Pot grown Christmas trees are grown is a pot the entire life of the tree. Because of the strong root system this creates, you can even replant the tree after Christmas.

Each pot grown 25 to 30cms tree is about 25 to 30cms in height. So it is very useful as a second Christmas tree for your bedroom, child’s bedroom, your office desk or anywhere else you would like to add a small Christmas tree.

There are three types of pot grown Christmas trees that we offer.

1. Pot Grown Norway Spruce Christmas Tree.

2. Pot Grown Fraser Fir Christmas Tree.

3. Pot Grown Englemann Spruce Christmas Tree. (greyish-blue in colour)

You can have your choice of pot grown Christmas tree delivered right to your door along with Christmas decorations, Christmas lights and anything else you need for making your home or office look like Christmas.

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Back to Work

After a very busy Christmas period and all of us having some holiday time in January to restore our energy levels it is now back to work.

Just now we’re busy shearing the sides of the trees to encourage them to grow into what we all imagine a good Christmas Tree shape should be.   We begin doing this on trees once they reach approximately 4ft and will do it every year until the tree is sold.   When the weather is cold and frosty it can be a very pleasant job, and it is amazing the amount of wild life you see when working quietly in the Christmas Tree fields.

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Christmas is coming


Now that the days are getting shorter and nights colder things start to change here on the farm. The last of our autumn calfs were born a little over 2 weeks ago. All of our cows have had their annual vaccines and are ready for the winter ahead. As grass growth slows down we are starting to give the cattle some supplementary feeding and it will not be long now before we have to bring some of them inside for the winter months.