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How To String Lights On Your Christmas Tree For Best Effect

Christmas lights come in a range of styles. The modern Christmas lights are long lasting low power use LEDs, however, you can still find the old fashioned bulb style lights, and they still look great on any Christmas tree. If you are going to light your Christmas tree this year, then it helps to string your lights properly to get the best effect.

When decorating your Christmas tree, you should start with the lights. It can be quite awkward lighting a tree once you have other decorations up, especially if you use lengths of tinsel or garlands of any description. When lighting your tree, be sure to use the right number of lights for the height of the tree, and to use the correct power pack to match your lights. You should also check that your Christmas lights are all working before you string them around your tree.

To start stringing your lights, work from the base and work you way up one side and down the other. You don’t need lights on every branch, select the main branches at each level and loosely wrap your lights. You may need to make a few alterations to ensure you get a good cover all around your tree. What you are looking for is even spread of lights with no blank areas, or areas that are overcrowded with lights. Once you happy that your tree is evenly covered, go back and ensure the lights are securely wrapped around the branch that it is on.

Once completed, turn your Christmas lights on and stand back to see if you have achieved the effect you were looking for. Remember, you will be adding more decorations to the tree, and they will add their dimension to the Christmas trees overall effect.

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Christmas Table Top Decorations To Add Wow To Christmas Dinner

When we think about Christmas traditions our minds often drift to decorated Christmas trees, wreathes on front doors, Christmas carols and Christmas dinner. Kids of course think of Christmas presents, and all the wonderfully decorated homes. If you’re into the big family Christmas dinner, consider adding a little wow with a table top Christmas decoration.

Christmas dinner is a special occasion for many families. A lot of time and work goes into putting together a real family feast, and that includes giving thought to who is sitting where, and the special decorations and  tableware to be used. Most decorations at a Christmas dinner revolves around a themed table cloth and napkins. Perhaps it’s time to add that wow.

The silver spiral Christmas tree adds that special touch. It stands 40 cm tall and comes with 24 blue LED lights, perfect for the centre of your dinner table. The LED lights are static so they won’t distract diners while the tiny red and blue baubles add colour and interest. Being silver in colour, the spiral Christmas tree will match most table themes and layouts. The lights are subtle enough to make the tree glow without any of the harshness that is often associated with small lights.

Unfortunately, there are not too many of these left, and they are currently at a special price. If you have a large dinner table, then buying two certainly wouldn’t look amiss – it creates two centres on your dining table, helping to make it appear smaller and a little more intimate. If you haven’t had table top decorations before, the silver spiral Christmas tree is a good place to start.


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Having Fun With Connectable Christmas Lights

Christmas lights look great strung around a Christmas tree, but that’s not their only use. There is a growing group of people who string lights together to make some of the most awesome looking Christmas displays. That, however, takes a lot of planning, a lot of lights, and plenty of electricity. In the family home, you can still have a lot of fun with Christmas lights, especially if you buy from the connectable range.

These lights are about 5 metres in length and have 100 LED lights spaced at 5 cms apart. You can connect up to 10 of these lights to make quite stunning displays in the home. You will need the right size connectable light power pack to light up them all up, however, it’s a one-off expense if you are using connectable lights.

Connectable lights have a stunning range that includes white, blue and multi-coloured. You can also buy twinkling lights and the very pretty cluster garland strings of lights. Most of the connectable range of Christmas lights are also suitable for outside use, handy if you have a large tree that you would like to decorate. However, it’s inside the home where you can really have fun with these lights.

You are only limited by your imagination. Some of the better displays include dressing the border of windows, with the Christmas tree taking pride of place in the centre. Other uses include framing a Christmas tree by placing lights all the way around the corner of one wall, with the Christmas tree in the centre, and most popular of all, trying to design Christmas images using strings of connectable Christmas lights. The end result can look quite spectacular, and it doesn’t take that long to put them all together. If you are considering something different in the way of Christmas lighting this year, consider connectable Christmas lights, you can have a lot of fun putting them to good use.

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Christmas Lights – Which Is Better, Coloured Or White?

A question that is often raised when it comes to Christmas lights is whether coloured lights are better than the white lights. The answer is invariably the same, what do you prefer? Each set of lights does change the personality of a Christmas tree, and that does need to be taken into account.

Coloured Christmas tree lights tend to draw the eye to lights themselves. Having glittery objects on the tree such as baubles and tinsel often enhances the colour of Christmas lights, more so when colours bounce off each other. Children tend to prefer coloured lights and they do tend to add a little magic to a tree.

White, or the soft cream style lights, have a different effect. These lights tend to enhance the decorations that are already on a Christmas tree. Where coloured lights bounce different colours around the baubles, white lights add a glimmer to baubles and other decorations. The feature on the tree becomes those decorations and not the lights. Christmas trees with white lights tend to look either more formal, or more homely; again, it depends on the environment and your perception.

Which light is best for you? Do you want glittery with the lights the centre of focus, or do you prefer to have the decorations stand out more? You should buy the lights that best suit your Christmas mood, however, if you have children around, then keeping the Christmas tree fun and friendly often means getting the coloured lights. We all have different preferences. Do you have a preference for the kind of lights you have on your Christmas tree? Have you even ordered a Christmas tree yet? Time is running out.

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Be Sure To Order The Right Size Christmas Tree

One of the biggest problems people encounter when considering a Christmas tree is deciding on size – and yes, size does matter. Invariably, people opt for a Christmas tree that is a little too big for their needs. Now that’s okay if you’re handy with a saw. You can just lop a foot or two from the bottom to reduce the size. Unfortunately, you can’t add a foot or two if you decide the Christmas tree is too small.

The best approach is a rather simple one – measure the space between the floor and ceiling. You don’t want a Christmas tree that touches the ceiling, and you have to take into account how you are going to decorate that tree. Do you have a sturdy ladder or are you going to use a chair to reach the high points? A Christmas tree looks good when there’s a foot or two between the tip of the tree and the ceiling. You will need another six inches or so if you intend using a Christmas tree stand – more if you decide to use a bucket of sand or similar.

Once you know the size of the space for a Christmas tree, you can check out which trees are best suited. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, if you’re handy with a saw, then you can trim a little off the bottom if you order a tree that is slightly too large. For those looking for even smaller Christmas tree, you may find that a potted tree better suits your needs.

Christmas trees are often the focal point at Christmas. We get together to decorate them, we scatter Christmas presents under them. Don’t be disappointed because you have ordered the wrong size – measure first. Worse still, don’t be disappointed because you completely forgot to order a Christmas tree.