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It’s Christmas Tree Time

It really is that time of year again. Less than forty days to Christmas so everyone is preparing. Shops are starting to decorate, Christmas catalogues are hitting our letterboxes, and our Christmas trees are ready for decorating.  This is one of the busiest times of the year for many businesses and we are no different.

Have you ordered your Christmas tree yet? Our popular Norway Spruce Christmas trees are looking good, the scent of the Fraser Fir Christmas tree is as wonderful as ever and the family favourite, the Nordman Fir Christmas tree, is ready to grace any front room.

Give our trees another week and, under the right conditions, you can enjoy a fresh and bright looking tree all the way through to the end of Christmas. Our recommendation is to take delivery after the 23rd of November. If you take delivery any earlier and start to decorate, you may run the risk of suffering needle drop as Christmas Day approaches.

If you prefer a cut Christmas tree earlier we can oblige although you may want to consider a potted tree – they will last much longer than a cut tree and can be used year after year. Yes- it’s that time of year again – it’s Christmas tree time.

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Look After Your Christmas Tree With A Decorative Stand

Christmas tree standOur Christmas trees are real Christmas trees that have been cut fresh from the plantation ready for delivery to your home. They are no different to a bunch of flowers that you have cut in the garden or bought home with you.

Cut flowers need a vase to hold them and plenty of fresh water to keep them hydrated. The stand pictured is about 35cms (14ins) in height and can support a tree up to 225cms (7 ft5ins) in height.

Christmas trees would undoubtedly look good in a vase – if you could get one big enough to hold it, that is. What is more practical is a purpose built Christmas tree stand. These stands work in a similar fashion to a vase; they hold the tree in place and water it at the same time.

If you take a closer look at the picture you will see that the cup that holds the trunk is quite large and quite deep. After securing the tree, fill this cup with water. Each day,ch add a little more as the water level falls.

Decorative cast iron Christmas tree stands add to the overall look and appeal of the tree. They are certainly better looking than the bucket of sand that some people use.  Look after your Christmas tree with a stand that has been crafted to exactly that .

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A Unique Gift For Christmas, The Christmas Wreath You Decorate Yourself

plain Christmas wreath ready for decoratingChristmas wreaths are very popular but did you know you can purchase an undecorated wreath? Undecorated wreaths are perfect gifts when you have run out of ideas for that special someone. The range of decorations you can use is only limited by your imagination.

Creating a Christmas wreath that you have personalized adds that special touch. Decorate it with a photo, real fruit and berries, or use tinsel and small baubles. As I mentioned, let your imagination run free.

If you are looking for ideas for your Christmas wreath then take a look at our complete range of wreaths. I am sure you can gain some inspiration from either the Scottish wreath, the Festive wreath or the Traditional wreath. All are hand made and look stunning.

Of course, after looking at one of our stunning hand made Christmas wreaths you may decide to opt for one of them instead. You can still add your own personal touch once you get it home.

Our undecorated Christmas wreaths are still made with traditional real Nordman Fir foliage and will last through to the end of Christmas. Unfortunately, wreaths are not available until the end of November (27th November 2009 to be exact) but early orders are often required to ensure availability.

Christmas wreaths are as much a tradition at Christmas as the Christmas tree. If you’re stuck for a gift idea for someone this Christmas, consider a Christmas wreath.

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A Christmas Tree For The Dining Table

Christmas trees for the dining tableWe would be the first to admit that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the traditional Christmas tree. Why not extend the tradition and add a Christmas tree to the dining table. Of course, they are not living or cut trees, but they do create a talking point.

Standing 40cms tall, these silver spiral trees come complete with static blue LED lights and the decoration finished using small blue and red baubles. Stunning? Yes. Different? Yes. A talking point? Most definitely.

If you’re not a silver person then perhaps a similar tree in gold with static white LED lights would suit your tastes. I can envisage a large family gathering, a table big enough to seat 10 or 12, and two or three of these sparkling Christmas trees adding a cheery touch.

Whilst we all enjoy the traditions that come with events like Christmas, it is always nice to add some of the modern decorative items to the occasion. It’s a way of personalizing a traditional Christmas – adding your own personal touch.

Table top decorations will never replace the traditional cut Christmas tree, but then, they are not supposed to. Table top Christmas trees like the one shown in the picture are designed to bring the joy of a cut Christmas tree to the dining table. They do this with style and are one option that is well worth considering when looking to put the finishing touches on your Christmas this year.

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Christmas Trees Stands – Grab A Package Deal And Save

When the time comes to buy your Christmas trees you may be a little bewildered by the range of sizes available. Of course, a Christmas tree also needs something to hold it up and while a large pot of sand might work, it isn’t exactly good for the tree. What is required is a Christmas tree stand.

Now you are faced with two decisions, which Christmas tree to buy and which stand do you need to go with it. We have taken care of the problem for you. We have a range of Christmas tree/Christmas tree stand packages which not only save you time in making a decision, they save you money as well – how does 10% sound?

Tell us what size tree you require, or ask which size tree will best suit your situation, and we will find the best package to fill your requirements. Of course, you could always have a look at our Christmas package deals yourself before making a decision.

Your Christmas tree will last a lot longer and drop fewer needles if you place it into a proper stand. Christmas tree stands not only support your tree, if you keep the stand topped up with water it will keep your tree hydrated. It is the dehydration process that leads to early needle drop. Buy a Christmas package and you have everything you need – except perhaps the water.