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How To Decorate Your Own Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths have found favour again and you’ll find many front doors with wreaths hanging proudly this year. While many people go for the plastic wreaths, you really can’t beat the style of a wreath made using fresh Christmas tree foliage. You can make your own wreath from scratch by taking a lower branch from a live Christmas tree, however, buying an original undecorated wreath is often easier, and they are not that expensive.

Before decorating your wreath, give it a good shake to remove any loose needles. You’ll find that our wreaths are so fresh there won’t be much in the way of needle drop. Once you are ready to decorate, lay your wreath down and determine the top and bottom of the wreath. Look at the texture to see what looks right when it comes to orientation. Now you’re ready to decorate.

A couple of tips worth noting before you get started:

  • Don’t overcrowd your wreath
  • Use small decorations or decorations that are light weight
  • Less is more when it comes to variety so don’t make your wreath too busy
  • Choose a colour scheme for your decorations – white looks great as does red
  • Consider clustering your decorations together leaving open spaces of foliage
  • Place your decorations loosely on top before fixing them into place.

Decorations are easier to attach if you have plastic coated twist ties. Thread the twist tie through the decoration then through the foliage of your wreath. You can then push the ties through to the back and twist them firmly. Don’t tie them too tightly as you’ll crush the foliage and the decorations will bury themselves into the foliage.

When decorating, step back and check your work regularly. If you place the decorations loosely on top first, you can rearrange them until you get your desired look, then you can firmly attach them. Remember to keep the wreath moist by misting regularly. When people knock on your door, it will be a unique hand decorated Christmas wreath that you did. Of course, if you don’t have the time decorate one yourself, you could always check out what we have on offer>

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Add Variety To Your Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating a Christmas tree should be fun. However, it can become boring if, year after year, you just use Christmas lights, baubles and tinsel. Why don’t you break with tradition this year and really have fun. If you have children, get them to join in. Christmas decorations can be made from anything. Here are a few ideas to stimulate your imagination:

  • Fresh flower daisy chains – okay, they don’t last for long, but kids love to make them and if you have enough flowers, keep making new ones.
  • Paper chains – cut old wrapping paper and/or colored paper into one inch strips six inches long and put them together in loops to make a colourful chain. Make the paper strips thinner, wider, longer or shorter to vary the effect.
  • Presents – wrap small boxes with Christmas paper to look like small presents. Make squares, rectangles, triangles and even ball shaped “presents”.
  • Sweets – hang small bags of sweets from the tree. You can use them as rewards if you have children.
  • Nature – there are many items that come from nature. Pine cones, acorns, berries, twigs, leaves just to name a few. Dip them in paint and hang them from your tree. See how creative you can get by putting them together. You can also purchase a plain Christmas wreath and decorate that using these items.

When you make your own decorations, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. Creativity has no rules bar one – whether or not you like the finished effect. One word of warning, once you start, it’s hard to stop, and the last thing you want is a tree that is over decorated. There is one thing we do know – there’s nothing more satisfying than creating your own Christmas decorations, especially when family and friends look at your Christmas tree and say – WOW! Still don’t have a Christmas tree? Perhaps we can help.

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Check Your Christmas Lights Well Before Christmas

If you have Christmas lights from last year, and most people do, then now is the time to dig them out and to give them a thorough check. While your Christmas lights should last several years, they can deteriorate over time and can become damaged whilst being packed or while stored away. The last thing you need is to have your Christmas tree decorated and the lights strung only to find they are not working. So what should you check for? Here is a list of some of the areas you should be looking at.

  • Power plug – check to see if the power plug is still if there is any damage to the plug. If the plug has become damaged, it could present an electrical hazard.
  • Power pack – if your Christmas lights have a power pack, check that it has not been damaged in any way. When you plug it in, listen for any buzzing. While some power packs do emit a low buzz, a loud buzz could indicate the power pack is slowly dying. It may be wise to replace it now.
  • Wiring –  carefully check the wiring between lights to ensure there has been no deterioration, there are no small nicks, or any other damage.
  • Lamps – check for broken lamps before switching the lights on. If all appears well, plug your Christmas lights on and check that all are working. Replace any lamps that are not working.

By checking your Christmas lights now, you can replace lamps where necessary, and ensure that there is less risk of electrical incidents over the Christmas period. Christmas lights are not expensive so if you have any doubts, throw them out and replace them with new lights. The latest LED Christmas lights will last much longer, use less power, and often look a lot better than the old fashioned filament lamps.

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Make Life Easier With A Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas tree standI have seen a lot of different Christmas tree stands over the years. A couple of bricks stacked around the base of the tree; a bucket of sand; a tub of dirt; and a cement block with hole drilled through the middle. They are just some of the novel ways that people have used to hold their Christmas tree up. I have also seen a fully decorated tree, complete with lights, leaning against a wall with no support but the wall itself.

Most of these methods have one big problem – they don’t actually look after the tree. The bucket of sand idea isn’t too bad and neither is the tub of dirt. The biggest problem with these ideas is water. You can water the sand, but it has poor water retention abilities. You can water the dirt; at least it holds the water a little better. The end result is that these trees start to lose their needles well before Christmas.

If you really want your tree to last until Christmas, buy a proper Christmas tree stand. They help keep your Christmas tree standing tall whilst keeping the tree well hydrated (if you remember to fill it with water, that is). Christmas tree stands are built specifically for that job. They are so easy to use you will have your Christmas tree up and ready to decorate in no time at all.

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How Many Lights Should You Put On Your Christmas Tree?

Christmas lights for your Christmas treeA Christmas tree is not complete without the star on top and the lights switched on. Christmas lights come in varying lengths with each length containing a certain number of lights. Do you know how many lights should go on your tree?

The formula is pretty easy – about 30 lights per foot in height. A four foot tree should have no more than 120 lights – a five foot tree no more than 150 lights. We have a chart on all about lights fact page if you need any help for your tree.

LED lights are much safer than the traditional string lights. They also use less power so they generate less heat as well. This reduces the stress on your Christmas tree, helping it to stay fresh longer.

Traditional string lights are still popular and in use by a lot of families. These lights have their own unique bulb shape and look great hanging in and around the foliage of a Christmas tree. Flashing lights are always popular, especially the multi-coloured lights. If you want to catch a child’s attention, just turn on the Christmas fairy lights – it works every time.

Don’t overcrowd your Christmas tree with too many lights. It is not good for the tree and doesn’t improve the look. Sometimes – fewer can be much better.