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Christmas Tree Deliveries Now In Top Gear

With Christmas tree orders steadily flowing in and Christmas trees steadily flowing out, it is timely to remind everyone that we can only deliver up to the 22nd December. In reality, you have three short weeks left in which to place your orders – if you’re on the mainland. For everyone else, you have less than three weeks.

We can arrange express next day delivery to mainland UK if orders are placed before lunchtime. Express to the Highlands & Northern Ireland will take from one to three days whilst express to Scottish, Channel Islands and Isle of Man will take three to five days. Check our Christmas tree delivery pages for more information.

Christmas tree delivery of course is the quick and convenient way to have your Christmas tree delivered. There is no mess in your car and you don’t have to compromise on size because of transport limitations. I have actually seen one gentleman trying to wrestle a Christmas tree home on a bus – I am surprised they let him on in the first place – he would have found it much more convenient having it delivered.

November is almost finished -tomorrow marks the official start of winter and with it the countdown to Christmas. I am noticing Christmas trees starting to pop up everywhere. If you require a Christmas tree for your business – it’s not too late to order. Check our catalogue range then give us a call.

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Surprise Someone You Know With A Christmas Tree This Year

decorated Christmas treesThere are many people in our community who don’t bother with Christmas trees each year. It’s not because they don’t want one, often it is for very basic reasons like not being capable of getting the tree inside on their own, lack of finances, or through issues such as depression. Sending them a Christmas tree may just be the lift they need during the festive season – especially if you are able to help with decorating.

We at Scottish Christmas Trees are only too happy to deliver a cut Christmas tree, potted Christmas tree or Christmas wreath to any address in our delivery areas (we can deliver anything in stock including decorations). We will also include a hand written card with a special Christmas message if you wish.

For that someone special, we can even deliver a fully decorated tree ready to grace any corner of the home. Does your mum or nan have a Christmas tree this year – perhaps you can surprise them with their very own decorated potted Christmas tree – the tree that keeps coming back each Christmas.

Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths make great Christmas presents. They are certainly different to your standard card and flowers. Send someone you know a special gift this Christmas – you tell us where and we can organize the rest.

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Do You Need Your Christmas Tree Delivered?

Cut Christmas trees can run to 12 feet in height, never mind the width. For many families, that makes taking a Christmas tree home in the back of a car a little difficult. Never mind – we have the solution right at hand. Delivery to any part of  the UK. This includes Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Having your Christmas tree delivered is one of the safest ways of ensuring your Christmas tree arrives at your home (or place of business) undamaged and ready to decorate. If you want your tree delivered on a specific date, we can oblige if you give us sufficient notice (a few days notice at least).

We can also arrange for express delivery and express next day delivery. There are limitations on these services so please see our web site for full Christmas tree delivery details. For mainland UK, we can also arrange express Saturday deliveries. Normal delivery times are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, pre-midday and Saturday deliveries excluded.

The last day for Christmas tree deliveries this year (2009) is the 22nd December. We provide a fast turn around from order to delivery. If you require a tree for express next day delivery, you will need to order before midday. Express next day delivery on short notice is dependent on available space on delivery lorries.

Do you need your Christmas tree delivered – call us and we can do the rest!

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Christmas Trees – Hand Picked, Freshly Cut And Delivered To Your Door

What more could you want for Christmas this year? Hand picked Christmas trees that have been freshly cut and delivered to your door when you’re ready for them. Rather than cutting them en-mass and delivering half shriveled trees – ours are bright and fresh and ready to please right through to the last day of Christmas.

Christmas is a time for joy, a time to be with friends and family and, traditionally, a time that is spent around a Christmas tree. What you don’t want is to spend that time feeling disappointed when you look at your Christmas tree. Your decorated Christmas tree is meant to inspire, bring joy and bring people together.

For many families, the Christmas tree does bring them together again having made a tradition of decorating the tree. The final star doesn’t go on top until father gets home from work – no matter how late.

There are a lot of people who shun traditional real Christmas trees for a variety of reasons. What they are missing is the difference a real tree makes. The fragrance, the look and the touch can never be copied.

Freshly cut Christmas trees last for weeks with a little care. We hand pick our trees and only cut down those that are suitable to have in your home or business. If you want a six foot tree – we will cut you a six foot tree and then arrange to have it delivered on the day you need it. Really, what more could you want – the tree decorated as well. Actually, that can be arranged too – just ask us.

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Avoid The Hassles And Have Your Freshly Cut Christmas Tree Delivered

Fresh live Christmas trees are the only way to go when it comes to an authentic Christmas look. They can, however, be a right royal pain when it comes to taking one home. The first problem is simply getting it to fit in the car. The second problem is the cleaning up afterward if they drop needles.

There is a solution to your problem – delivery. Sure, it does add to the cost marginally but it can be worth the effort. Having your Christmas tree delivered avoids many of the little problems associated with getting it home yourself.

Of course, you won’t have to squeeze it into your car nor will you need to clean up afterward. Just as importantly, your tree won’t arrive damaged – in fact, fresh cut Christmas trees are bagged  to prevent damage. They are also kept in the best condition possible to prevent any needle loss.

Once your Christmas tree arrives, unbag it and keep it in a cool spot in a tub of water to keep it fresh. When you’re ready to take indoors, cut off an inch or two at the base, give the base of the tree a couple of solid bangs on the ground to remove any loose needles, then take it in ready for decoration.

It couldn’t be simpler. All the hassles of getting your Christmas tree home can be solved using our courier delivery system. Tell us when you want it delivered, where to put it on delivery, and leave the rest to us.  If you need decorations, lights or a wreath, tell us when ordering and we will deliver everything at once.