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Now That Your Christmas Tree Is Setup – Don’t Forget To Look After It

There is something magic about a Christmas tree fully decorated. This is especially so early in the evening when the flashing Christmas lights are at their best. As special as they look – there is nothing sadder than to see a Christmas tree with the needles turning yellow and dropping all over the floor.

Christmas trees are like cut flowers. To stay fresh and looking their best they need a little TLC and it really only takes a moment or two each day. First and foremost is water. Christmas trees like to have their feet wet once they have been cut. Be sure they have plenty of water to drink.

Lack of water is a Christmas tree’s biggest enemy and sometimes, despite keeping its feet wet, it will still start to dehydrate and drop needles. This is caused by one of two things: being too close to a heat source like an open fire, an electric heater or too close to a window that gets full sun; or being exposed to a draft that is either too warm or too persistent. It is hard to think of a draft as having any effect on a plant, but moving air takes with it water – just like the washing on your line.

That then is all it takes. Keep your Christmas tree well hydrated and you won’t see any discolouration or suffer from severe needle drop. It will last through to Christmas Day looking as fresh as the day you brought it indoors.

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It’s Time To Take Delivery Of Your Christmas Tree

Our Christmas trees are now steadily flowing out of our doors and many of our customers are now taking delivery of their tree. If you order now we can have a fresh cut Christmas tree on your doorstep before the weekend.

If you are about to take delivery of your Christmas tree then you need to think about how and when you are going to decorate it. Many families leave the decorating until the weekend. If you are considering the same then we suggest you leave your Christmas tree outside the house. Keep it protected from the elements, but also ensure it is in a cool place.

You can keep the netting on for several days without damaging the tree. In fact, it will be easier to take inside if you do. Before taking you tree inside, cut off an inch or so from the base. Once you do get your Christmas tree inside, give it a good home, somewhere cool away from direct heat and strong drafts. Make sure it is in a stable stand and that your tree has plenty of water.

Take the netting off once your tree is in place and your tree is ready to decorate. If you don’t have a Christmas tree yet then please be quick to order. We are already running low on several of tree sizes. Don’t leave it too late, you may be disappointed.

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How To Keep Your Christmas Trees Looking Bright And Fresh

Christmas trees are no different to any other plant or flower that has been picked from the garden and brought indoors. They need special attention to ensure they stay bright and green and maintain their fresh appearance.

Have you ever purchased flowers from the florist and brought them home? If you have then I hope you read the instructions that often come with them. The first instruction is to trim a little from the base of the stalk, the second is to place them in a container of water, and the third is to place them somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight or heat sources.

A Christmas tree is actually exactly the same. Cut a little off the end of the trunk before taking it inside. Place it in a container of water and for this we do recommend our Christmas tree stands. With a Christmas tree stand you can fill it with water, insert the base of the trunk then leave the stand to do the rest. Keep refilling the water as the level drops.

The final point is also true. Keep your tree in a cool place away from direct heat sources and any draughts. Dehydration is a Christmas trees biggest enemy. This is caused by lack of water and temperatures that are too high along with air movements that cause all vegetation to dry out.

If you follow those tips you will find that your fresh Christmas tree maintains its color and needles until the end of Christmas.

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Want Christmas Trees With Low Needle Drops?

low needle drop Nordman Christmas treeOne of the biggest complaints people make when it comes to cut live Christmas trees is the mess they make. Others, myself included, think it’s part of Christmas – I do, however, understand the concern. Christmas trees drop their needles for a number of reasons and some types of trees are more prone than others.

The Nordman Fir Christmas tree is one tree that is less prone to dropping needles in big numbers. Don’t get me wrong, it will drop needles, but nowhere near as many as some of the other types. Tree type is only one issue.

If the Christmas tree you buy is of poor quality to begin with then it will drop needles in large numbers, no matter which type of tree it is. This is one important reason why you should be looking for quality trees. Don’t think that price is important – I have seen rather expensive trees that have been cut too early, stored poorly and with not much life left in them – they will start to drop their needles in larger numbers before you get it home.

The second issue that will affect your Christmas tree is care. Too much heat and not enough water are the two biggest issues when it comes to care. Find a place away from active heat sources. When it comes to water – why not buy a Christmas tree package? Our packages include the Nordman fir along with a wrought iron or Cinco stand. Both provide great support for your tree and at the same time plenty of water to keep the tree fresh.

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Christmas Trees Will Last For Weeks With The Right Care

Cut Christmas trees – the fresh smell of the forest brought indoors and with it, the mess. It doesn’t have to be – the mess, I mean. If you follow a couple of simple steps, your cut Christmas tree will last for weeks and weeks with very little in the way of mess – and not much extra in the way of work.

When you first bring your Christmas tree home, place it somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight. Make sure it has plenty of water, standing it in a bucket will do to begin with. When you’re ready to take it indoors, cut off a good couple of inches from the base – this will break the seal that may have formed and allow your tree to keep drinking.

Once inside, place your tree in a suitable stand with plenty of fresh water. Keep the tree away from direct sunlight and drafts and that’s it. Make sure it has water all the time – in fact, your tree’s biggest enemy is dehydration. This is caused by too much heat and not enough water. Control those issues and you won’t have too many problems with the tree. Here is one tip from the Christmas trees experts that will ensure you have little in mess to begin with:

Before bringing your tree inside hold the tree up-right and bang the bottom of the tree onto the ground. This will remove any old needles which the tree naturally sheds throughout its life.

From the experts – shake out all the loose material from your cut Christmas tree before you take it inside then keep it well hydrated at all times.