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See A Christmas Tree Farm In Action

Christmas Tree farm mapHave you ever wanted to see a Christmas tree farm up close and perhaps pick your own tree from the stock available? This weekend (December 5th and 6th) you can visit a Christmas tree farm as Scottish Christmas Trees opens its doors to the general public. It’s for one weekend only so take your family for a drive and select a Christmas tree that’s just right for you.

We will also have a wide range of Christmas decorations and lights available for you to select from along with friendly advice on how to decorate your tree. We can also offer some sound advice on how to achieve the best look with your Christmas tree so it lasts throughout the Christmas period.

We have three different types of Christmas tree available so you can see and smell each type before making your final selection. Smell? Oh yes, as each tree has it’s own distinct Christmas fragrance. Selecting your own Christmas tree can be a special time for the family and with Scottish Christmas Trees you don’t have to worry about having the space in your car to get your tree home; we can arrange to have it delivered for you.

Where are we?

Take the A711 to Caulkerbush and look out for the sign posts and the giant 20ft Nordman Fir Christmas tree near Kirkgunzeon Dumfries and Galloway (DG2 8JT). We look forward to seeing you this weekend.

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Connectable Christmas Lights For Large Areas

connectable Christmas lightsOne of the big benefits of using LED Christmas lights is that they draw only a tiny amount of power. This means you can run far more lights off the one transformer compared to traditional lights. If you have a passion for decorating your home with Christmas lights then connectables are the obvious choice.

With connectable Christmas lights, you have the flexibility of connecting any set of lights from the connectable range. This means you can run a series of one colour then follow that up with a second colour followed by a third colour. This enables you to create interesting designs. If you drive around I am sure you will find homes displaying Christmas characters using Christmas lights.

Depending on your transformer, you can have as many as 15 strings of LED lights connected together – a lit length of around 75 metres. This also allows you to light areas that are some distance from the power supply. Since connectable Christmas lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, this is a real plus.

Connectable Christmas lights are the smart way to go when looking to decorate large areas such as gardens, shopping centres and streets. Christmas lights are one of the most popular Christmas decorations in use these days. Almost every home has a set of lights – normally reserved for the Christmas tree. Break the mold this year and buy connectable Christmas lights and light up your home as well.

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Did You Know You Can Colour Coordinate Your Christmas Tree

Colour coordinated Christmas trees – sounds a little strange. I mean, does that indicate you can buy a live cut Christmas tree with blue foliage? Or red, yellow or silver for that matter? Obviously not. Your Christmas tree still comes in the traditional natural colours.

Being colour coordinated doesn’t mean the tree itself has different colours. It refers to the way you decorate it and the colour theme you use. Your lights can be centred on a particular colour and there are so many different types and colours. When it comes baubles there has to be something there to please.

We have professional Christmas tree decorators here at Scottish Christmas Trees and they are experts at putting together a Christmas tree according to your requirements. This includes themes and colour schemes.

Decorating a Christmas tree so that it coordinates with its environment is not as difficult as it sounds. If you stand back a little you can soon picture which colours will blend in. As you decorate the tree you need to constantly take that backward step and review the process. All you need is a little eye for colour.

We have a wide range of baubles and interesting decorations in a wide range of colour and finishes. Coordinating your tree is so much easier if you have the right decorations to start with. Of course, you could always ask one of our expert decorators to prepare your Christmas tree for you.

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You’ve Ordered Your Christmas Tree – What About The Decorations?

Christmas tree lightsI cannot believe how quickly Christmas is coming. We are already past the halfway mark for November and with only five weeks to Christmas Day, the orders are coming in thick and fast for Christmas trees. A question for you, though – have you checked on your decorations yet?

Most families order their Christmas trees and it’s not until the tree arrives that they drag out the box of decorations. Some of our decorations sell out early so it may be a good idea to check on them now – especially lights.

Do you need new bulbs or a new transformer? Test them now and buy any replacements sooner rather than later. Then, when your Christmas tree arrives your decorations will all be in order and ready to use. There is nothing more disappointing than to decorate a tree only to find the lights are not working. It’s even more disappointing when you have to run around finding new lights or spare parts and the shops have sold out – or only have the cheap and nasty remaining.

Once you get your Christmas tree sorted, check your decorations. We have a full range of lights, baubles and decorative items that will have your Christmas tree looking like magic. Don’t leave it until the last minute!

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How To Decorate Your Potted Xmas Tree

Potted Christmas trees are just miniature versions of the large cut Christmas trees. The only real difference, apart from size, is that potted trees are still alive and growing.  When it comes to decorating a potted Christmas tree, you have the same amount of freedom as you would have decorating a large cut tree.

What you will need to bear in mind of course is that the potted Christmas tree is so much smaller. You may only fit two or three large baubles on and the tree is looking crowded. You need to scale your decorations to match the size of the tree.

Christmas lights can be a problem since most come in lengths of six or ten metres. Here is where you can experiment a little. Get a string of small lights, or microlights. If your tree is going to be placed in a corner then decorate your tree with a small length of lights – just enough to make the tree look attractive. With the remaining length of lights, either run them around the table the tree is sitting on, or, if in an office, along the counter.

If your tree is going in the middle rather than a corner then use the middle section of the string of lights, leaving either end to decorate the table, counter or bench. If your potted Christmas tree is going on the floor then run the string of lights along the skirting either side of the pot.

You can now finish decorating your Christmas tree using small baubles and any other small decorations you may have. Potted Xmas trees are smaller versions of a large cut tree, just scale down your decorations and your tree will look just as attractive as a large fully decorated Christmas tree.