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Frosted Baubles The Final Touch For Your Christmas Tree

frosted baubles for Christmas treesFrosted baubles, particularly the smaller silver ones, can add that finish to your Christmas trees that has them looking snow covered. The frosting glitters with just a touch of light, particularly, if you are not using Christmas tree lights.

Many people do prefer lights on their Christmas trees. If this is you then you are better off using LEDs. To get the best effect from your baubles, place in areas where there are no lights competing for attention. Make sure your lights are not pointed directly at a bauble – point them either away from, or behind, your baubles.

Decorating a Christmas tree can be quite scientific if you are looking to get the best out of your decorations. For example, you should follow the lines of your Christmas tree – this means placing the larger items low down and using progressively smaller items as you get higher in the tree. This provides a Christmas tree with perfect symmetry.

You can then achieve wow factors by placing one or two large items higher up. Their size in comparison to the decorations around them and the Christmas tree shape means they will stand out.

Baubles fit more into the background decoration category. Scatter them throughout the tree, but not too liberally since they are only background decorations and let the natural light of the room do the rest. Frosted baubles provide a brilliant show, particularly if you have a light that can be used to shine up from the floor.

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Spruce Up Your Christmas Trees With Baubles

Black Baubles for your Christmas treeChristmas trees can’t sit in a corner all by themselves. One of the reasons we have Christmas trees is to dress them up to make them look pretty and every year we want to make them just that little bit prettier.

The standard Christmas tree decorations include tinsel, baubles, little figurines, lights and either a star or an angel to adorn the top. Christmas tree lights provide the show but it is the baubles that really make the difference.

Baubles are bright and shiny and provide the perfect surface for Christmas lights to bounce off of. In fact, you don’t even need Christmas lights. Your normal household lights provide a glittering effect as the light bounces off the baubles. If there is the slightest air movement your baubles will swing further, adding to the light show.

Baubles used to be fairly staid Christmas decorations. They came in a basic set of red, green, white/silver and gold. These days, you name a colour and I am sure there will be a bauble that comes close to matching it.

Today’s picture features the black/pewter coloured baubles. Like the complete bauble range, they are available in a number of sizes, shapes (they are not all round) and shades. The black baubles are available in shades from grey through to deep shiny black.

Have a look at the range of baubles available and get ready to spruce up your Christmas tree – and what better tree to decorate? A Norway Spruce, of course.

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New Start

As I have only just recently started working here at Scottish Christmas Trees, I have learned there is so much more to Christmas trees than meets the eye! There are lots of different varieties, heights, colours and even smells…

I was taken a guided tour to show me all the variations there are and also how the trees are grown. It really made me appreciate the time and effort that goes into growing a Christmas tree.

With 10 weeks to go until Christmas we are starting to get pretty busy with everyone putting in their orders for their trees and decorations. There are so many different colours of baubles to choose from, I can’t wait to decorate my own tree!

Instead of going for the traditional gold and red theme this year I think I might branch out and go for something different. There is so much choice!