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How Accurate Are The Early Christmas Trend Suggestions?

One of the biggest Christmas trade fairs is the Christmasworld Trade Show, held this year in late January. Their predictions for this Christmas make for an interesting read, especially since it’s held so early in the year. According to The Independent’s review of the trade show, this Christmas’ theme should be raw, exotic and feminine with bold colors in the crimsons, deep Bordeaux reds and lemon greens.

If those predictions are true, we’ll be in for an entertaining Christmas. Crimsons and Bordeaux reds are no strangers to the festive seasons often featuring in the decorations that adorn Christmas trees each year. It’s the raw, exotic and feminine style that will be interesting – perhaps we’ll dress down our Christmas trees this year, perhaps, as The Independent suggests, decorating our trees with “Asian flower patterns or ethnic African prints decorated with gemstones, sequins and satin ribbons.”

Predicting trends is always difficult, and while trying to follow them makes life interesting, there’s nothing like a really good old-fashioned Christmas. The perfume of a real Christmas tree, the tinsel, baubles and lights that decorate the tree, and the faithful angel that perches on top – it’s tradition, and for many, a feeling of stability and security. There’s also the family tradition that goes into decorating a tree – have you decided who gets to put the angle on top this year?

As we get closer to Christmas, we’ll have a better idea as to the direction that trends will take us. It will be interesting to look back at this post, and to the article in The Independent to see how accurate they were.  I hope they do run true this year, I like the idea of exotic bold colours, African prints and perhaps spending time with the little ones decorating cards with gemstones, sequins and satin ribbons. First, I need to be sure we have a Christmas tree – perhaps you should order your Christmas treenow, just to be sure you don’t miss out.

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How To Fix Your Christmas Lights To Windows

suction cups for Christmas lightsThere are many uses for Christmas lights. Some people decorate the outside of their homes, others decorate outdoor living areas and, of course, there is the traditional decorating of the tree using Christmas lights. One other use is to decorate your windows – particularly the front window. Short of using nails in the window frames, do you know how to fix your lights to your windows?

Just looking at the image is a dead give-away. Suction cups are used for many different things these days. They can be very effective at holding decorations and strings of lights. Place a few suction cups around your window then push the Christmas lights cable into the slot in the suction cup. Done. Work your way around the window in whatever pattern or design  you like using suction cups to hold the lights in place.

Suction cups will also stick to many painted surfaces, particularly where a plastic based paint has been used. This can be great if you want to include any of the other types of lights such as curtain lights.

These suction cups can also be used to hang baubles and other Christmas decorations.  Once Christmas is over, you can just unclip the string of lights, or Christmas decoration, and ease the suction cup of the window. There is no mess, no fiddling about and no nails or adhesive tape to worry about.

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Did You Know You Can Colour Coordinate Your Christmas Tree

Colour coordinated Christmas trees – sounds a little strange. I mean, does that indicate you can buy a live cut Christmas tree with blue foliage? Or red, yellow or silver for that matter? Obviously not. Your Christmas tree still comes in the traditional natural colours.

Being colour coordinated doesn’t mean the tree itself has different colours. It refers to the way you decorate it and the colour theme you use. Your lights can be centred on a particular colour and there are so many different types and colours. When it comes baubles there has to be something there to please.

We have professional Christmas tree decorators here at Scottish Christmas Trees and they are experts at putting together a Christmas tree according to your requirements. This includes themes and colour schemes.

Decorating a Christmas tree so that it coordinates with its environment is not as difficult as it sounds. If you stand back a little you can soon picture which colours will blend in. As you decorate the tree you need to constantly take that backward step and review the process. All you need is a little eye for colour.

We have a wide range of baubles and interesting decorations in a wide range of colour and finishes. Coordinating your tree is so much easier if you have the right decorations to start with. Of course, you could always ask one of our expert decorators to prepare your Christmas tree for you.

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What’s Going On Top Of Your Christmas Tree This Year?

the traditional star to top your Christmas treeTraditionally, the last ornament to go on a Christmas tree was the star – it’s pride of place at the very top of the tree. In recent years we have seen anything from Santa through to angels sitting at the top of the tree.

I am still a little old fashioned. I like the idea of a star sitting on top. Although the tree is inside, the whole idea of decorating the tree is to make it look like a tree in the woods. Baubles are meant to resemble fruits – in fact, that is where they have their origins and the first glass baubles were fruit replicas.

Christmas tree lights, they have their origins. The candles that were placed in trees, probably to represent stars. The big star on top was meant to represent the largest star in the night sky. Other decorations included season berries and tinsel, which was supposed to resemble snow on the tree branches.

Most of this has been lost over the decades. Decorations now are designed to create a wow factor. Not that this is a problem, of course. We all love to decorate a Christmas tree, to make it our own. Even then, we still follow certain traditions and one of those is the star that sits at the top. What’s your favourite decoration for the top of your Christmas tree?

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Christmas Trees And Fairy Lights – Everyone’s Favourite

flashing fairy lights for your Christmas treeA Christmas tree dressed up with multi-coloured fairy lights is probably everyone’s favourite decoration. The Christmas tree looks great all dressed up with baubles and pretty decorations but it isn’t until the lights go on that oohs and aahs start – especially when it comes to children. The look on their faces says it all – they just stare open mouthed in amazement.

Multi-coloured fairy lights always seem to be more popular than the single colour. Static lights are still popular (in fact, we have sold out of some models already) and it would be a toss-up to see which was more popular – static or flashing. Children certainly prefer the flashing lights whilst adults seem to prefer the static.

These lights are over 21 metres in length with 200 lights in total. They are suitable for indoor use only. Being multi-coloured and multi-action they are sure to be favourites with the younger generation.

If you have a large tree then the larger set of fairy lights that comes complete with 300 mult-coloured lights may be more suitable. This string of lights measures over 37 metres in length – enough to comfortably decorate our largest Christmas trees.

If multi-coloured are not your cup of tea then we have fairy lights in white. Our range of LED fairy lights may also be of interest. Rather than using the standard miniature light bulb, they use LEDs. These use less power so they generate far less heat yet give off the same amount of light.

A Christmas tree is not complete without the traditional lights – just ask the children. I am sure they wait for that special moment when the lights come on.