It seems the only reason anyone would choose an artificial Christmas tree over a living Christmas tree is convenience. Having to go and choose your own living Christmas tree and strapping it to your car and such might seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Did you know you can get a living Christmas tree delivered to you? Having a living Christmas tree is more traditional than using artifical Christmas trees and
Are you going to go traditional for the holidays this year? Having a Natural Tree Christmas is really the way to go. Artificial trees and wreathes just don’t say Christmas or create the atmosphere of joy and cheer. Artificial seems to scream commercialism, while a natural Christmas tree makes you feel like it is really Christmas and it’s okay to be happy. Children love Christmas and we as adults love it just as much, even
During Christmas, tradition is important. Sometimes we forget the joy we had as a child during Christmas and we want to do whatever is easiest, rather than what is traditional. Part of that is choosing a traditional Christmas Tree rather than an easier to handle artificial Christmas Tree. Do you know how the Christmas tree tradition started in England or at least how the traditional Christmas Tree became popular? In 1841 Prince Albert, who was

Wet Wet Wet!!!

Posted by sct on  August 19, 2009

Category: General News
When will it stop raining, and the weather behave a bit more like August instead of November! We’re marking cut Christmas trees for sale just now, but everyone is getting a bit fed up of coming in soaked to the skin.   Even the potted Christmas trees are hardly needing any irrigation – it’s all coming from above. Hopefully, the weather will improve and we might just get an indian summer – ever the optimist. Wet

Real Vs Artifical Christmas trees

Posted by sct on  August 13, 2009

Category: General News
This debate has gone on for years and every one has thier own opinion, however there are some simple facts that set the two options apart. Atrificial trees get more realistic every year but certain facts remain the same. All are made from Oil and Steel based material both of which are a finite resourse. A large majority of artificial Christmas trees are made in countries where there are currently very few environmental controls on