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Wreaths – Limited Edition In Demand

It is always such a joy when something that is designed and handmade from scratch at ScottishChristmasTrees is an instant hit! Our Limited Edition Wreaths have only just been finalised and they are already exceeding expecation in out selling our standard options! Maybe people are wanting to lift the spirits and go all out with a colourful splash to their front doors!

We’ve been reading with great interest some tips and ideas on the Ideal Home website the internet really is a wonderful way of getting great decorative inspiration!


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How To Decorate Your Own Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths have found favour again and you’ll find many front doors with wreaths hanging proudly this year. While many people go for the plastic wreaths, you really can’t beat the style of a wreath made using fresh Christmas tree foliage. You can make your own wreath from scratch by taking a lower branch from a live Christmas tree, however, buying an original undecorated wreath is often easier, and they are not that expensive.

Before decorating your wreath, give it a good shake to remove any loose needles. You’ll find that our wreaths are so fresh there won’t be much in the way of needle drop. Once you are ready to decorate, lay your wreath down and determine the top and bottom of the wreath. Look at the texture to see what looks right when it comes to orientation. Now you’re ready to decorate.

A couple of tips worth noting before you get started:

  • Don’t overcrowd your wreath
  • Use small decorations or decorations that are light weight
  • Less is more when it comes to variety so don’t make your wreath too busy
  • Choose a colour scheme for your decorations – white looks great as does red
  • Consider clustering your decorations together leaving open spaces of foliage
  • Place your decorations loosely on top before fixing them into place.

Decorations are easier to attach if you have plastic coated twist ties. Thread the twist tie through the decoration then through the foliage of your wreath. You can then push the ties through to the back and twist them firmly. Don’t tie them too tightly as you’ll crush the foliage and the decorations will bury themselves into the foliage.

When decorating, step back and check your work regularly. If you place the decorations loosely on top first, you can rearrange them until you get your desired look, then you can firmly attach them. Remember to keep the wreath moist by misting regularly. When people knock on your door, it will be a unique hand decorated Christmas wreath that you did. Of course, if you don’t have the time decorate one yourself, you could always check out what we have on offer>

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Forget Your Plastic Christmas Wreaths – Get The Real Thing

Christmas wreaths have many uses. Often used to adorn the front doors of many homes, they also make great Christmas gifts for fellow workers when you’re stuck for suggestions. I have even seen them hanging from the front or rear of cars as they drive around town. While plastic wreaths are often cheap, they can also look that way. There’s really nothing that comes close to the beauty and style of a handmade Christmas wreath that made using items produced by nature.

Traditional Christmas WreathAt Scottish Christmas Trees, we hand make our Christmas wreaths to order using fresh foliage and a combination of berries, pine cones, dried fruit and seed heads. We even produce a plain wreath that you can decorate to suit your tastes. If you’re looking for that really special Christmas wreath, then I suggest you consider our Traditional Wreath. This is made using attractive seed heads, dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and pretty little pumpkinos, and is finished with a stunning organza ribbon.

Last season’s most popular wreath was the Chic Wreath. This wreath is hand decorated with silver and purple decorations and finished with a lavish purple ribbon. It was so popular we ran out of stock well before Christmas.  Which wreath will be this festive season’s most popular? We’ll have to wait and see, we may even release a new one for this year so keep your eyes open for any news on that.

Because we use real produce and not plastic or imitation, Christmas wreaths can only be delivered after the 21st of November. We make our wreaths to order so you will need to have your order in to us as early as possible, otherwise you may be disappointed. We ran out of all wreath stock early last year, with the Chic Christmas Wreath running out very early.

If you wish to give your wreath as a present, let us know and we’ll be happy to deliver to them including a card with a personal message from you. Christmas wreaths make an entry welcoming at Christmas, especially if they are hand made using natural products – they sure beat those plastics wreaths every time.

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Keeping Your Christmas Wreaths Bright And Fresh after your Christmas wreath is no different to looking after your Christmas tree with one exception – your wreath is outside and subject to the elements. For this reason, keeping it as cool as possible is not always possible, particularly if the door its mounted on gets the full sun.

The full sun may not have a lot of strength in it at this time of year but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect your Christmas wreath. Wind is also another factor that needs to be taken into account. The wind may be cold but it can still suck what moisture is left out of your wreath.

It can be quite tricky keeping your wreath hydrated. If you add water to the front of the wreath the moisture may effect some of your decorations, particularly if you have decorations that have been handpainted by children. The easiest way to keep your wreath hydrated is by spraying a light mist of water each day on the back of the wreath. Don’t use too much water, just a light spray will do the trick.

Where sun is a problem on your door, check to see how much sun your wreath does get. You will often find that the lower part of the door gets more sun than the upper. If that is the case, place your wreath as high up as possible – not too high, of course; people still want to see it. Use a damp cloth to brush away any excess water and the wreath is ready to remount on your door. Look after your wreath and it will still look great on Christmas Day.

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Christmas Wreaths Add The Finishing Touch

Chic Christmas WreathYou have your Christmas tree and no doubt many people will have already started, or completed, decorating it. The final touch to your Christmas decorating has to be hanging the Christmas wreath on the front door. It’s like a signal to all your friends – ‘we have finished our Christmas decorating, come and have a look’.

Christmas wreaths are a feature in themselves. We no longer place a plain undecorated wreath on our doors. Modern wreaths are decorated with all sorts of bric-a-brac. Our range of Christmas wreaths include the Chic Wreath (pictured) which is made from:

Nordman Fir foliage and hand decorated with cedar rose cones, purple and silver shatterproof baubles, silver hip shaped berries and a wonderful purple ribbon that has been tied into an extravagant bow

This is just one wreath in our range of handmade Christmas wreaths. The range  includes:

The Scottish Wreath – decorated with tartan ribbon and seed heads,

The Festive Wreath – decorations include berries and cones,

The Contemporary Wreath – decorated with plumosum cones, blue shatterproof baubles and pearl sprays,

The Traditional Wreath – decorated with oranges, cinnamon sticks and many other traditional decorations, and

The Original Wreath – undecorated and ready for you to decorate with your favourite items.

There is a wreath there to please everyone. Wreaths ordered now will last through to the end of Christmas with no problems.