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Norway Spruce Xmas Tree Sale

Every Xmas, Norway’s capital city, Oslo, send a Norway Spruce to Washington D.C., New York, Edinburgh and London. These cities display them in a central district as their official Xmas tree. Norway has held up this tradition of sending an Xmas tree to those cities because of the help those countries gave to them during Worl War 2. That is why most people call the Norway Spruce the traditional Xmas Tree.

The Norway Spruce Xmas Tree has strong branches that are more than able to hold up lights and ornaments. The tallest tree ever used was a 100-foot Norway Spruce from Killingworth, Conn. in 1948. After X-mas the tree is cut into lumber and used to build a house.

The Norway Spruce Xmas Tree is has it’s own unique scent, feel and shape. This lower cost tree remains a popular choice of Christmas tree in Britain. It is an especially good choice as an outdoor Xmas tree due to needle retention.

Your Norway Spruce Xmas tree can be delivered right to your door for convenience. Click here to order your Norway Spruce Xmas Tree today and have it delivered when you need it.

We send standard orders out on a 3 day service. If you order more than 3 days in advance we dispatch 2 days prior to your preferred delivery date. Please remember that this is a preferred date and in a few cases we will require 1 extra working day after your chosen date to make your delivery. Refunds are only given to orders that are not delivered by the end of the 2nd day past your preferred delivery date. 98% of all our orders are delivered next day.

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Xmas Tree Delivered To Your Home

A lot of people don’t know they can just order their Xmas Tree online and have it delivered to them. This makes having a real cut Xmas tree just as convenient as going the artificial route, maybe even more convenient.

Scottish Xmas Trees are traditional and are the centrepiece for any traditional Xmas. The Norway Spruce is the Traditional Xmas Tree while the Nordman Fir is also a popular choice for families at Xmas. The Fraser Fir is also a favourite since it gives more of a scent to your Xmas.

No matter which of these Xmas Trees you choose, your family will enjoy the traditional Xmas they deserve. Click any of the links below to order your traditional Xmas Tree.

Norway Spruce Xmas Tree

Frazier Fir Xmas Tree

Nordman Fir Xmas Tree

Click here if you haven’t made up your mind which of these Xmas Trees to order yet. (By the way, you can set the date for delivery far in advance. One more Xmas task completed early!)

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Living Christmas Tree VS Artificial Christmas Tree

It seems the only reason anyone would choose an artificial Christmas tree over a living Christmas tree is convenience. Having to go and choose your own living Christmas tree and strapping it to your car and such might seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

Did you know you can get a living Christmas tree delivered to you? Having a living Christmas tree is more traditional than using artifical Christmas trees and now it is just as convenient. Visit us to learn more about getting a living Scottish Christmas tree delivered right to your door.

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Natural Tree Christmas – Are You Having One This Year?

Are you going to go traditional for the holidays this year? Having a Natural Tree Christmas is really the way to go. Artificial trees and wreathes just don’t say Christmas or create the atmosphere of joy and cheer. Artificial seems to scream commercialism, while a natural Christmas tree makes you feel like it is really Christmas and it’s okay to be happy.

Children love Christmas and we as adults love it just as much, even if we don’t always admit it. The tradition of Christmas is one that should always be kept alive. The spirit of giving, spending time with family, spreading cheer and creating happiness should be something that happens year-round.

By keeping Christmas traditional, we at least have one time of the year where business, work and the hustle and bustle of everyday life aren’t the highest priority. It is a time we can all relax and enjoy time with our families and the joy of giving happiness to others.

A Natural Tree Christmas means tradition. It means that Christmas is real and not an artificially commercial holiday. Don’t let anyone talk you into ignoring the traditions of Christmas this year. The way things are around the world right now give us all a bit of anxiety. A natural and traditional Christmas can help us escape that anxiety at least for a little while.

So enjoy your Natural Tree Christmas this year!

PS: I have it on good authority that Santa puts better presents under natural Christmas trees than he does under artificial trees.

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Traditional Christmas Tree or Artificial?

During Christmas, tradition is important. Sometimes we forget the joy we had as a child during Christmas and we want to do whatever is easiest, rather than what is traditional. Part of that is choosing a traditional Christmas Tree rather than an easier to handle artificial Christmas Tree.

Do you know how the Christmas tree tradition started in England or at least how the traditional Christmas Tree became popular? In 1841 Prince Albert, who was Queen Victoria’s husband, had a traditional Christmas tree imported from Germany and displayed it at Windsor Castle.

Newspaper stories with pictures of the Royal Family decorating their Christmas tree with their children made it fashionable. It went on to become a tradition. We don’t want our children to miss the magic that Christmas can bring, so we should continue traditions like having a traditional Christmas tree, real ornaments, real wreathes and belief in Santa Clause.

Sometimes it sounds a bit corny to honor these traditions, but to our children it’s magic.