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Table Decorations For Christmas

We want our entire house to feel like Christmas and the Scottish Christmas Trees website offers something for every nook and cranny, including your table top.

We have table top Christmas trees like the Gold Spiral Tree With 24 Clear Micro Static Lights and the Silver Spiral Tree With 24 Blue Static LED Lights.

Other table top Christmas decorations we carry include; the Painted Wooden Sledge, the Clear Mirror Flower Garland which can be displayed year-round and the Brown Twig With Orange Berries and Lights that can be wrapped around any painting, picture or mirror.

Decorate your home with these unique Christmas lights, table top Christmas trees and more. See our selection here.

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Order Santa Sacks Online

Every child has high expectations about what Santa may leave under the Christmas tree. Watch their little eyes light up when they see that Santa actually left them a sack full of toys!

We carry two versions of Santa Sacks; the Santa Sack Jolly Holly Linen Painted Sack and the Santa Sack Harlequin Jester Sack. There is even a little Santa Claus attached. Your children will love them!

Keep checking our Santa Sack page to see if we have added anything new.

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Order a Star for Your Christmas Tree Online

Most  Christmas decorations, ornaments, baubles, lights and more are sold by the bundle, but there is just one ornament for the top of the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree star has a special significance and is the traditional choice for the top of a Christmas tree. It represents the star from the story of the three wise men who traveled to see the birth of Baby Jesus. Choosing a star for the top of your Christmas tree gives you a story to share with your children.

We offer several beautiful stars for your Christmas tree; The Silver Diamond Cut Star, The Gold Wire Star with Holographic Glitter, The Gold Glitter Star and The Silver Beaded Mirror Star.

Any of these beautiful stars you choose for your Christmas tree will be delivered to your door.

We also have all of the other decorations, lights, Christmas tree stands, and Christmas trees you will need. Visit the Scottish Christmas Trees Website for more.

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Order Christmas Tree Decorations and Baubles Online

The family gathered around the Christmas tree decorating it with baubles and decorations is the picture we most remember when we think of Christmas.  The more colors we have, the prettier the Christmas tree looks.

You can order Christmas tree baubles online with Scottish Christmas Trees. We have them in , black, silver, pink, green, purple, blue, gold, chocolate, white, pewter and cream. These Christmas tree baubles are shatterproof, meaning they will survive Christmas morning when the children grab ofr their presents!

We also carry glitter balls, icicles, mirror balls, snowflakes and more. Order your Christmas Decorations online this year and have them delivered right to your door.