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Add Variety To Your Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating a Christmas tree should be fun. However, it can become boring if, year after year, you just use Christmas lights, baubles and tinsel. Why don’t you break with tradition this year and really have fun. If you have children, get them to join in. Christmas decorations can be made from anything. Here are a few ideas to stimulate your imagination:

  • Fresh flower daisy chains – okay, they don’t last for long, but kids love to make them and if you have enough flowers, keep making new ones.
  • Paper chains – cut old wrapping paper and/or colored paper into one inch strips six inches long and put them together in loops to make a colourful chain. Make the paper strips thinner, wider, longer or shorter to vary the effect.
  • Presents – wrap small boxes with Christmas paper to look like small presents. Make squares, rectangles, triangles and even ball shaped “presents”.
  • Sweets – hang small bags of sweets from the tree. You can use them as rewards if you have children.
  • Nature – there are many items that come from nature. Pine cones, acorns, berries, twigs, leaves just to name a few. Dip them in paint and hang them from your tree. See how creative you can get by putting them together. You can also purchase a plain Christmas wreath and decorate that using these items.

When you make your own decorations, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. Creativity has no rules bar one – whether or not you like the finished effect. One word of warning, once you start, it’s hard to stop, and the last thing you want is a tree that is over decorated. There is one thing we do know – there’s nothing more satisfying than creating your own Christmas decorations, especially when family and friends look at your Christmas tree and say – WOW! Still don’t have a Christmas tree? Perhaps we can help.

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Adding Garlands To Your Christmas Tree For Added Effect

Christmas trees look great when they are fully decorated with lights, baubles and trinkets. You add extra dimension to your tree by adding garlands. In some areas, the tradition is to use colored tinsel as a garland, however, you can really make garlands out of anything. Crepe paper can be used to make great garlands, especially if you give the crepe paper a half twist between branches. You can sit down with string and beads (or any other craft material) and create your own as well – kids love this task and they can be as creative as they wish. One thing to be careful with when using beads is that you don’t make your garland too heavy.

When placing a garland on a Christmas tree, work from the top slowly going around your tree. Never place a garland too tightly around a tree, otherwise you will tend to pull branches together and this will take away the symmetry that Christmas trees are famous for. Instead, place the garlands loosely with a slight sagging between branches. Work your way from the top of the tree to the bottom. Light garlands such as those made from tinsel or crepe paper look good on the branch extremities as the final decoration. Heavier garlands should be placed deeper into the tree where the branches are a little stronger.

Decorating a Christmas tree is all about imagination, and about what looks good to your eye. Be sure you garlands complement your lights and baubles – each should add to an overall picture. One danger that many make is to make a Christmas tree too busy. This is a Christmas tree, so we do want to see the tree as well.

When completed, step back and look at the finished product. Does it look balanced; do branches sag from too much weight? Do remember to turn the room lights off and your Christmas lights on – this will give you a good idea of how well decorated your Christmas tree. Decorating a Christmas tree should be fun, not a chore – so enjoy the experience, you only get to do it once a year. Of course, you have to order your tree first – have you ordered your farm fresh cut Christmas tree yet?

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Turn Baubles Into A Fun Tabletop Christmas Decoration

Are you looking for new and novel Christmas decorations? You are really only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating decorations, and sometimes, the items required are all close at hand. While baubles are commonly used to decorate Christmas trees, they can be used in a variety of places. Here’s a do-it-yourself tabletop decoration that you and the children should have fun putting together. Remember, use your imagination, and include other decorations like leaves, dried berries and dried twigs for ever better effect.

Materials: Length of dowel (this is the height of the table top decoration so cut to your preferred size); silver or gold wrapping paper; baubles and decorations in a range of sizes and colours; old large sock stuffed to form a rough ball shape; attractive bowl filled with stones, rocks or glass beads (deep enough to anchor your decoration). You will also need a large needle and thread and plasticine.

How: wrap the dowel in silver or gold wrapping paper. Place one end in to the stuffed sock and keep in place using an elastic band. Thread a large needle and tie one end to the hanging ring of a bauble. Thread the needle through the sock pull the thread through until the bauble is firm against the sock (not to tight). You can thread the next bauble and continue placing baubles (and other decorations) as you go.

Be creative, the end result should be similar to lollipop made from baubles and anything else you have found. You can add hanging ribbon or tinsel for added effect if you like. Once complete, anchor the base into the plasticine, then place in the bowl surrounded by rocks, stones or beads.

This decoration looks great as a central tabletop decoration, and it’s one that you (and your children) can proudly claim as your own. After Christmas, you can easily take the decoration apart again, carefully storing the decorations ready for an all new decoration next Christmas. Tip – the larger the ball shape to begin with, the larger the lollipop, however, don’t make it too big, otherwise it will be unstable and hard to keep from toppling over. If you don’t have enough baubles, then check out our range of fabulous Christmas baubles – there’s plenty there to keep your imagination busy this year.

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Christmas Table Top Decorations To Add Wow To Christmas Dinner

When we think about Christmas traditions our minds often drift to decorated Christmas trees, wreathes on front doors, Christmas carols and Christmas dinner. Kids of course think of Christmas presents, and all the wonderfully decorated homes. If you’re into the big family Christmas dinner, consider adding a little wow with a table top Christmas decoration.

Christmas dinner is a special occasion for many families. A lot of time and work goes into putting together a real family feast, and that includes giving thought to who is sitting where, and the special decorations and  tableware to be used. Most decorations at a Christmas dinner revolves around a themed table cloth and napkins. Perhaps it’s time to add that wow.

The silver spiral Christmas tree adds that special touch. It stands 40 cm tall and comes with 24 blue LED lights, perfect for the centre of your dinner table. The LED lights are static so they won’t distract diners while the tiny red and blue baubles add colour and interest. Being silver in colour, the spiral Christmas tree will match most table themes and layouts. The lights are subtle enough to make the tree glow without any of the harshness that is often associated with small lights.

Unfortunately, there are not too many of these left, and they are currently at a special price. If you have a large dinner table, then buying two certainly wouldn’t look amiss – it creates two centres on your dining table, helping to make it appear smaller and a little more intimate. If you haven’t had table top decorations before, the silver spiral Christmas tree is a good place to start.


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Another Festive Trend for Winter 2011

Teal & Silver Bauble Decorations

We visited the retailers exhibition  Top Drawer in London where there were a few interesting trend tips for Christmas this year. One is tapping into the traditional, craft side of things where homemade decorations are being encouraged – this fits the choice for a real christmas tree without at doubt!  The other was a silver & teal colour combination – our collection of bauble decorations certainly fits the look.