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October Time on the Farm

Our Christmas Tree business is a year round operation, and through out the year we are doing various things to the trees to make sure that they are looking their best in your home. In October we measure the Xmas Trees as by this point in the trees life we have a good idea of how tall it will be when it is cut down and ready to go off to its new home for Christmas.  So, if you go out into one of our Christmas Tree fields in October you will see lots of beautiful trees with their own label on them with their height.

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Win a Christmas Wreath

If you want to win one of our Christmas Wreaths all you need to do is get creative and think of a name for one of our new designs.  Hand made and designed by Kim Young these Christmas Wreaths are a must have for your front door.  Go over to our facebook page called Scottish Christmas Trees and find the competition post.  All you need to do is think of a name for the wreath and post it in the comment box below to be in with a chance of winning it. Competition Wreath

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Christmas Tree Workers

Each year the farm takes on more staff to make sure that all the Christmas Trees arrive to you in the best condition.  We have people out in the fields cutting down the trees, and others on tractors bringing the trees to the farm buildings.  We have people in the office answering phones and taking orders and then others who pack the trees into the vans ready for their journey to you.  We also have our own florist who works hard on each and every wreath.  But, what do all these people have in common? Other than Christmas Trees?

That’s right we all like cake! 010

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Flaming Fir Trees

Keep your home and your family safe this Christmas:

Fairy Lights

  • Check the fuses are the right type (see the box for the maximum size of fuse you should use).
  • If bulbs blow, replace them.
  • Don’t leave fairy lights on when you go out or when you go to sleep.
  • Don’t let the bulbs touch anything that can burn easily, like paper.
  • Don’t overload sockets.


  • Decorations made of light tissue paper or cardboard burn easily.
  • Don’t attach them to lights or heaters.
  • Don’t put them immediately above or around the fireplace.
  • Keep them away from candles.