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What’s the connection between eggs and trees?

It might not be the most obvious match but for us they are a great team.  Not only do we grow our own Christmas trees we also produce our own free range fresh eggs each day.

Our farm is approved by the RSPCA Freedom Food Scheme which gives you the assurance that all our hens are treated the way they should be. Our hens are free to nest, dustbathe, preen, forage, perch at height, sunbathe when the Scottish sun shines or even dance the Funky Chicken when the mood takes them!

So, here is the good bit!

12 free eggs for every customer who comes to collect their tree from our farm.

Use your eggs to make some nice Christmas treats, our favourite has to be Eggnog!

So, come to our Christmas Tree farm and pick your tree, open every day from the 29th of November.

Christmas Hens
Christmas Hens