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Christmas Tree Stands for real christmas trees with a real thirst!

As you raise your glass this festive period don’t forget to pour one for your tree!  Your christmas tree could drink up to 5 litres of water a day so it is very important to put your fresh christmas tree into a stand that has water holding capacity.

When you are ready to put up your christmas tree you should cut about 2″ from the bottom of the trunk.   Erect it in your christmas tree stand still with the net on, as this will make getting your christmas tree straight a lot easier.   Once erected take the net off and begin to water the tree – you might have to do it twice a day for the first few days.   Treat your christmas tree exactly as you would a bunch of cut flowers.

Christmas tree stands come in all shapes and size, you just need to make up your mind which is the most suitable for you.   Would a solid heavy cast iron christmas tree stand be ideal, or maybe the ever popular Cinco range?   The Cinco christmas tree stands are very practical, very robust and very easy to use.