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Pot Grown Christmas Trees

This is an ideal time of year to purchase your pot grown christmas tree if you’re intending to plant it out in the garden.   While there’s still a little warmth in the ground it will give the tree time to get established before the colder weather arrives.

Pot grown christmas trees have so many uses – especially for children.   Buying a smaller pot grown tree can give children a small christmas tree to decorate in their own way, and call their own – they can even make their own decorations, which will keep them busy in the run up to the Festive Season.

Pot grown christmas trees are also ideal to use as table decorations, in offices and are great for the small houses, where space is limited.

This year we have a wonderful selection of Fraser Fir and Norway Spruce christmas trees that have been grown in pots all their lives.   The Fraser Fir has a lovely soft needle and even most of them have a perfume, making that little bit special.