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Has it stopped raining?

Our Christmas trees are enjoying this beautiful sunny spell of weather – do hope that it lasts. Christmas trees really don’t enjoy all the rain that we’ve had – if their roots are continually wet they struggle to take up the nutrients that trees need to grow. Growth has been very slow and not nearly as strong as in previous years. I think that 2012 has been worse than the last 2 wet years that we’ve had to put up with.
With this lovely sunny weather our work force is busy beginning to shear the sides of the Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. It is a very sticky job as the sap from the tree gets onto their cloths, and they find themselves sticking to everything!
In the office, I’m starting to gear up for Christmas by beginning to update the web site, and check our stock. Christmas is not so far away – it seems to come round quicker every year.