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Pot Grown Christmas Trees Almost Sold Out

If you’re looking for a pot grown Christmas tree, then you’d best be quick; we are running out of this years stock very quickly. These trees are becoming more popular as each year passes, especially for people who have limited space inside their homes, and for those who find it difficult to dispose of a real cut Christmas tree. At the time of writing, we only have in stock

Fraser Fir Potted Christmas Tree

  • 110cm-130cm  (3ft7ins-4ft3ins)

Norway Spruce Potted Christmas Tree

  • 70cm-90cm (2ft4ins-2ft11ins)
  • 90cm-110cm ( 2ft11ins-3ft7ins)

There are, however, still a few cut Christmas trees available in a much wider range of sizes. The Nordman Fir is one of our most popular Christmas trees and we have run out of the tallest (8foot plus) stock, however, the other sizes are still available. Our cut Christmas tress tend to run out not long after our potted trees, so if you are looking for a real Christmas tree, you will need to order fairly quickly. We are already geared up to ship out our Christmas trees; in fact, many of them will hit the road starting from tomorrow (15/11/2011).

When ordering your Christmas tree, be sure to arrange a delivery date that allows sufficient time to set up and decorate your tree. Some people like to leave delivery as late as possible to avoid needle drop, however, today’s trees, with the right care, generally last through to Christmas with few problems. The Norway Spruce is not as hardy when it comes to warm air and needle retention, however, kept cool and hydrated and the problem can be managed.