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Alternative Uses For Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are traditionally hung around Christmas trees. If you take a little drive around your neighbourhood I am sure you will come across home owners who have found other uses for those lights. Some home owners have created absolute visual wonderlands using lights all over the external areas of their homes. You don’t have to go those lengths, however, there are some areas where Christmas lights can help to add that little extra magic to Christmas.

When it comes to outside areas, be sure you are using lights specifically designed for outdoor use. You can use external Christmas lights to decorate a tree in your front garden – small white twinkling lights really do look like a touch of magic, especially if used sparingly. There are times where people just overdo it using far too many lights, and far too many colours. If you want to set your house off, or a Christmas tree in the window, then use the outside lights to draw the eye rather than completely taking over.

You can also decorate front entrances, eaves, and windows. Internally, the options are only limited by the physical limitations of your home, and your imagination. Popular uses for Christmas lights include running them down stair cases, hanging them in windows, framing doorways, framing mantles and disused fireplaces, and hanging from, of all places, the top of an old four-poster bed.

There is a whole range of Christmas lights that can be used including:

  • net/icicle lights
  • rope lights
  • micro lights
  • cluster lights
  • decorative lights
  • traditional LED or bulb lights

Choose your lights depending on the effect you wish to create, then experiment. You will be surprised at much a simple set of Christmas lights can change a room, hallway, or the exterior of your home.