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How To Theme Your Christmas Tree

The key to decorating a Christmas tree
to a theme is repetition and simplicity. You can use any theme you that takes your imagination, just be sure you have plenty of decorations to support the theme. What you shouldn’t do is cover your tree in a hundred different decorations. You are better off having dozen decorations that you use repeatedly – this is what reinforces your therm.

When it comes colours, red is one of the most popular. Decorate your tree with various-sized red baubles, tinsel and garlands, then scatter in decorations with complimentary colours. Silver and black go well with a red-themed Christmas tree, however, you select the complimentary colours that suit your personality. This holds true for all decorations.

Other popular themes include Santa, angels and stars.  Older themes include using fruits, both fresh and dried; flowers, both fresh and dried, and a combination of fruits, flowers and nuts. More modern themes include beach or seaside inspired decorations; monochromatic themes whereby all decorations are a shade of the one colour; and the ultra modern look using bold unusual colours such as purple, pink and orange.

One trend that is now popular is to the theme a Christmas tree according to the room it is in. This decorates a tree using colours that compliment the interior paint and the furnishings. What these themes do have in common is what I started with, repetition and simplicity. Keep the design simple, and learn to repeat decorations in both size and color. There is one exception to this – don’t be afraid to scatter a couple of larger decorations on your tree, they really do add contrast. If you have themed your tree, for example, a teddy bear theme, then a couple of larger teddies spread around the tree really delivers the message.