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Christmas Project: A Decorative Table Top Christmas Tree

Whilst the traditional Christmas tree is one that sits in a corner and almost reaches the ceiling, it doesn’t have to be. You can put together a smaller decorative tabletop Christmas tree that really looks traditional, yet very different. What’s even better, you can use a real Christmas tree and not a plastic imitation tree.

Pot grown Christmas trees are perfect for this project, and for a table top, you will need to select one of the smaller trees. The Norway Spruce pot grown tree in the 70cm-90cm (2ft4ins-2ft11ins) is ideal and ready right now for delivery. At £29.00 it is well priced as well but stocks are limited so order one in now for immediate delivery. You will also need a brightly coloured bucket to stand the pot in (pots are 25-30cm high); and a range of decorations suitable for a Christmas tree.

Because this is going to be a table top tree, it is best to use smaller decorations rather than large bulky decorations. When it comes to lighting your Christmas tree, you may want to consider the red, blue or clear LED fine wire battery lights. These run from AA batteries rather than mains power, so there are no power cable problems running across the table and/or floor – it also makes the tree very portable should you need to move it. Each string has 20 lights and will cover 95cms – a couple of strings will do nicely in a small decorative table top Christmas tree – perhaps a string each of red and blue. A point to note – wire lights are just that – wires with lights every 5cm. These wires can be bent to any desired shape, perfect for a small tree.

Once you have all of your materials, string the lights first concentrating on the inside rather than the outside.  Once your tree is lit, add your  decorations working from the inside out, and from the bottom up. Try to keep a balanced look, however, be imaginative, after all, there really isn’t a right or wrong way to decorate Christmas trees – just your way. Being a live Christmas tree, don’t forget to water it regularly and to keep it away from any direct heat sources. Otherwise, this tree will look superb on any table.