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Nine Weeks To Christmas – Have You Ordered A Christmas Tree Yet?

Can you believe there are only nine weeks and a couple days left until Christmas? The year seems to have gone by so quickly. Have you ordered your Christmas tree yet? If not, you should get in quick, otherwise they will all be gone. In fact, our trees will be ready in four weeks from today, and we are well geared up, ready for the rush that always besets us at this time of the year.

Our Christmas trees are nurtured along throughout the year with one aim in mind, to be at their best come harvest time. We don’t harvest trees unless we have specific orders for them as each tree is picked ready for immediate shipment – the only way you’ll get a fresher tree is by having one growing in a pot – and we have them available again this year as well.

So what sort of tree to do you like? Tall and narrow, or do you like the traditional squat looking tree? This Christmas, you can select between the traditional Norway Spruce, the very popular Nordman Fir, and the beautifully perfumed Fraser Fir. If you want a live tree that you can use again and again, then this year we have the popular Norway Spruce Christmas trees available in pots. Look after them well and you can use them again for the following Christmas.

Real live cut Christmas trees are back in vogue now. People appreciate the perfume, look and feel that only a real Christmas tree can offer and once fully decorated, fill a room with a real Christmas feel. If you haven’t ordered your Christmas tree yet, then do so as soon as possible. While you’re at it, check out our range of Christmas lights and decorations – you can dress your tree to look its very best then.