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Which Is The Best Christmas Tree For Children?

Christmas trees are not all the same and each type of tree brings its own unique characteristics. The Norway Spruce is the tree that most people associate with Christmas, however, when it comes to children, it is not the friendliest. Christmas is that time of year where children are full of excitement, and that includes wanting to decorate their Christmas trees. With that in mind, especially if you have young children, you need to find a Christmas tree that is very child friendly.

The Fraser Fir and Nordman Fir are both child friendly. Where the Norway Spruce has quite prickly foliage, the Nordman and Fraser firs both have soft foliage. Of the two, the Nordman is probably the friendliest when it comes to children. While these trees can be quite tall, they are also very broad at the base. This gives the child plenty of scope and space to decorate whilst older children (and mum and dad) can concentrate on the higher areas. The Fraser Fir on the other hand is quite narrow, so you don’t get the same area to decorate.

When fully decorated, the Nordman Fir can look spectacular, simply because of its shape. That’s not to say the Fraser Fir doesn’t, however, it takes on a more formal appearance because of its long and narrow shape. Which one is best? It all depends on you and your children. We have found that young children tend to prefer the Nordman Fir while adults and teens prefer the Fraser Fir.  The Nordman Fir has certainly become of the most popular trees selected by families.

One of the benefits of a Fraser Fir is the perfume that the tree gives off. This can waft throughout the home adding a real Christmasy feel to the home. This tree is also perfect for homes where space is at a premium. If you have young children, take a closer look at the Normand Fir. If you have limited space, and you want the added bonus of a gentle Christmas perfume, then take a closer look at the Fraser Fir. Either way, you can’t go wrong when it comes to children.