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The Traditional Christmas Tree Available In A Pot

The Norway Spruce is considered by many to be the traditional Christmas tree.  Over the years, people have purchased this as a cut tree which, once Christmas has been and gone, needed to be disposed of. This has raised a number of issues over the years, and some councils have either arranged special Christmas tree pickups, or worse, banned Christmas trees from rubbish collection points. There is a solution – buying your Norway Spruce Christmas tree in a pot.

A Christmas tree in a pot is no different to any other potted plant. It is alive, and with the right treatment, will continue to live for many years to come. In fact, you could consider the purchase of a potted Christmas tree an investment since you won’t need to buy another tree for four or more years (depending on the size you buy to begin with). As a live potted plant, you will need to repot after Christmas, and to continue to water and feed it throughout the year. You can even give it a light pruning to build your desired shape.

The Norway Spruce can be a high needle drop Christmas tree, but only if you allow it to dry out, or if you place to close to a high heat source. Keep the tree cool and moist, and the needle drop is very low. The Norway Spruce can also be a little prickly, so care and supervision is important when allowing young children to decorate these trees. However, you will find that these make excellent Christmas trees, and that children and adults soon become accustomed to their slightly prickly nature – it will help to keep the youngsters away from the decorations and lights.

You can purchase a Norway Spruce potted Christmas tree in six sizes ranging from 70cm-90cm (2ft4ins-2ft11ins) to the largest 170cms-190cms ( 5ft8ins-6ft 4ins).  With the smaller trees starting at less than £30.00, it represents a great investment for future Christmases. If you haven’t ordered a Christmas tree yet, check out the potted Norway Spruce Christmas tree, then place an order early, before we run out.