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You Can Have The Christmas Tradition Even In A Small Home

There is a trend for people to downsize their accommodation these days, often living in small one or two bedroom flats, bed-sitters and even boarding houses. While space may be limited, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a traditional Christmas, and that includes a traditional Christmas tree. You just need to think a little outside the square.

If you are in a flat, especially two or three floors up, then having a cut Christmas tree could prove to be awkward. We can arrange delivery to your door, that’s not a problem. However, how are you going to remove the tree after Christmas? More importantly, if you don’t have a lot of space, where are you going to place it? The same question could be asked of anyone who is living in a small space.

We said to think outside the square. There’s nothing like a real Christmas tree that has been decorated. The perfume alone that comes from a Christmas tree provides a warm and cozy Christmas feeling the moment you walk through the door. You don’t have to have a large cut Christmas tree – instead, go for a smaller pot grown Christmas tree.  You can select between the Norway Spruce Christmas tree and the Fraser Fir Christmas tree. They are both alive and well, and with nurturing, will continue to live for years to come – and they can be brought back in each Christmas, the ultimate in reusing.

Christmas is a special time of year, no matter where you live. Live potted Christmas trees come in a range of sizes so you can select the one that is best suited to your available space. You can still dress them up with Christmas lights and baubles, and you can still arrange the traditional Christmas presents around the base. There is one down side to buy a potted Christmas tree – we have limited stock and they are very popular, so you need to order as early as possible.