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What’s Your Favourite Christmas Tree?

Christmas trees come in a range of types and sizes and while they all look great, each brings its own character, habits, and requirements. Many people have grown up with the Norway Spruce as their Christmas tree – this is the tree that many artificial trees are based on, and the one that dominates most images of Christmas. The Nordman Fir has become the most popular tree in recent years while the Fraser Fir has been favoured by those who want something special. If you look at each of these trees, they have different looks, different requirements, and produce different results – which is your favourite?

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree – the traditional Christmas tree. This tree is the least friendly of the three having relatively sharp needles. The Norway Spruce won’t tolerate heat so this tree is best placed either outside or in a corner where it is cool. If the tree gets too warm, it will quickly drop needles. It does, however, look great when fully decorated. If you don’t mind an outside Christmas tree decorated with outside Christmas lights, then this tree is perfect.

Nordman Fir Christmas Tree – the most popular tree currently sold, this tree is quite broad at the base so it does need some space. The Nordman Fir has a much better needle retention rate compared to the Norway Spruce, and will tolerate warmer homes. This is very much a family favourite since the needles are not so sharp and the tree is easier for children to decorate.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree – often the forgotten cousin in the Christmas tree family. The Fraser Fir has a good conical shape and is less broad at the base when compared to the other two trees. The Fraser Fir will fill your home with a gentle perfume, bringing the spirit of Christmas to every room. The Fraser Fir is a low needle drop tree that is very family friendly. Once you have fully decorated a Fraser Fir, you’ll probably never go back to either of the other two – the shape and size just add to the WOW factor produced by your decorations.

Everyone has their own opinion of which Christmas tree they prefer. What is important is to get one that is suitable for the family, and if you have little children, then, for example, the Norway Spruce may not be the best choice. If you only have a narrow space to place your Christmas tree, then the Fraser Fir is possibly the best solution. Christmas trees are an integral part of a traditional Christmas – get the right one and you’ll find that your tree will add that little bit of magic to the Christmas season. One word of advice – once you have selected your favourite tree, be sure to order a Christmas Tree as early as possible. That way you won’t be disappointed this Christmas – we do sell out quickly.