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Christmas Lights – Which Is Better, Coloured Or White?

A question that is often raised when it comes to Christmas lights is whether coloured lights are better than the white lights. The answer is invariably the same, what do you prefer? Each set of lights does change the personality of a Christmas tree, and that does need to be taken into account.

Coloured Christmas tree lights tend to draw the eye to lights themselves. Having glittery objects on the tree such as baubles and tinsel often enhances the colour of Christmas lights, more so when colours bounce off each other. Children tend to prefer coloured lights and they do tend to add a little magic to a tree.

White, or the soft cream style lights, have a different effect. These lights tend to enhance the decorations that are already on a Christmas tree. Where coloured lights bounce different colours around the baubles, white lights add a glimmer to baubles and other decorations. The feature on the tree becomes those decorations and not the lights. Christmas trees with white lights tend to look either more formal, or more homely; again, it depends on the environment and your perception.

Which light is best for you? Do you want glittery with the lights the centre of focus, or do you prefer to have the decorations stand out more? You should buy the lights that best suit your Christmas mood, however, if you have children around, then keeping the Christmas tree fun and friendly often means getting the coloured lights. We all have different preferences. Do you have a preference for the kind of lights you have on your Christmas tree? Have you even ordered a Christmas tree yet? Time is running out.